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How to build a resilient business

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13 Oct 10am - 1pm The Guildhall, Hull

Can your business cope?

As the frequency of extreme events increase, think about how vulnerable your business is to unforeseen disruption.  In the current climate, small and medium sized (SME) businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to simply hope for the best when the worst happens. The time has come to be proactive in your approach to managing these threats.

Protect your bottom-line, satisfy your customers and insurers and stand out from your competitors – ensure you can continue to operate when faced with disruption.


This seminar is for managers in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who are responsible for ensuring their businesses can continue to survive following a business interruption. This seminar provides SME managers with the underpinning knowledge to develop a business resilience capability. This workshop also addresses what you should consider when developing cyber resilience.


To provide delegates with the underpinning knowledge to manage the implementation of your business continuity management arrangements.


By the end of the event you will be able to:

State the six elements of the business continuity management lifecycle and how this can be applied within your business
Explain the function of the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and the methods that can be used to implement a BIA
Describe the 3 levels of an incident response structure
Analyse the importance of exercising business continuity plans
Evaluate methods for embedding business resilience within your business

Get that competitive edge

We are seeing situations where customers ultimately refuse to buy from, or contract with businesses that cannot demonstrate they have business continuity arrangements in place.

This seminar is free of charge, so you really can’t afford to miss it.

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