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12-year-olds craft a successful business

TWO entrepreneurial 12-year- olds have been left overwhelmed after turning their craft hobby into a successful business.

12-year-olds craft a successful business

School friends Beth Roberts and Emma Cowan have watched their fledgling business, The Crafty Pineapple, snowball in size over recent weeks after being inundated with orders for their homemade products.

And the Caistor Grammar School pupils, who make a range of craft items, such as frames, bunting and pin cushions, want their business to grow further – even if it does mean having to do their homework at lunchtime.

"I wasn't expecting it to do this well. I was thinking we could make simple things, like things with pom poms," Beth said.

Emma added: "I really enjoy thinking up different designs and ideas. I leave Beth to do the practical stuff and I do the creative things.

"We're trying to balance it between Scouts, Guides and sleep."

The idea for The Crafty Pineapple was born after Beth's mum, Connie Roberts, picked up a leaflet about an upcoming Teenage Market at the Drill Hall in Lincoln.

The markets provide a space for young people aged between ten and 29 to showcase their trade or performance skills free of charge.

Beth decided to give it a go and enlisted the help of her friend Emma.

Beth studied YouTube videos on how to use a sewing machine, while Emma came up with ideas for crafty gifts by looking on website Pintrest and drawing inspiration from visiting their friends' houses.

Whenever Beth and Emma were not doing homework, in class or at Guides, the pair would spend every opportunity making their quirky line of craft pieces, many of which use buttons and even Scrabble tiles to great effect. Despite being among the youngest stallholders at the Teenage Market, the Beth and Emma's items attracted much interest and they are now working through a list of orders, made both in person and on Facebook.

"We originally thought it would just be for the Teenage Market but we've had a lot of orders and we've since decided that, actually, this is good enough," Beth said.

"I had a loom band business when I was eight but I stopped doing that when I got bored."

Emma added: "We all end up becoming involved in Beth's businesses. This is the first successful one she's had!"

Beth's mum Connie said the parents were amazed at how well the two children had done.

"We are really proud of them. They have taken it all on board and organised it themselves," she said.

"They know the difference between making money and making profit and they've come to the conclusion they have to reinvest to get more stock.I've not been able to use my sewing machine since!"

Find out more by searching for The Crafty Pineapple on Facebook.

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