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A bank heist and treasure hunt - First look inside and opening date for Grimsby’s Escape Rooms

THE ESCAPE Rooms game revolution has finally arrived in Grimsby – featuring a “cryptic” bank heist and an “immersive” pirate treasure hunt guaranteed to leave you puzzled.

A bank heist and treasure hunt - First look inside and opening date for Grimsby’s Escape Rooms

Set to test even the brainiest of code crackers and determined game show addicts, the Labyrinth Escape Rooms in Grimsby will open in three weeks.

It will feature two tricky themed adventure rooms – which when inside players have just one hour to escape from.

It is the area’s first adventure game of its kind and will open on September 22.

The venture is housed above the Da Vinci restaurant, in East St Mary’s Gate, and is now one of around 500 scattered around the UK. Exciting plans for the Labyrinth were given the green light by North East Lincolnshire Council, and following a five month renovation period, the time is almost here to welcome the very first guests.

The brains behind the brain-teaser adventure game are engaged couple Becky Comer and Tom Elford.

Becky and Tom, who live in Grimsby, decided to get in on the Escape Room action after falling in love with the concept.

The pair have travelled the country trying to crack the codes to 12 similar gaming experiences, and admit that opening their very own is like a “hobby” for them.

Becky, who is originally from North Wales, said: “We are addicted to them. It is perfect for people who love puzzles.

“It’s an immersive, technical and addictive experience. You have to be very patient and think outside the box.

“You definitely need a logical mindset to be good at this.”

Labyrinth Escape Rooms will be open Thursdays to Sundays between 10am and 10pm. Suitable for two to six players and children over the age of 10, prices vary depending on the size of the group.

For two players, the cost is £20 each, for three players it’s £17 each, for four players it’s £15 each, for five players it’s £14 each and for six players (treasure hunt game only) it’s £13 each.

Each team is given one hour to escape one room, each of which have their very own and very different objectives and background story.

In the bank heist, you are a member of a successful crime syndicate, and your specialty has always been safe cracking.

You’ll be facing your greatest challenge yet, as you and your team attempt a heist at the Valley Isle Bank. This is a 4/5 difficulty room.

And in the Pirate Cove Plunder, it has been rumoured that the most elusive treasure ever known is on-board but a famous treasure hunter has hidden it well, and it’s your job to find it. This is a 5/5 difficulty room.

Tom, said: “It’s a unique business. We are really excited to open and hope that people like it.

“We have got around ten bookings so far and have had a lot of corporate interest. We weren’t expecting such a positive response.”

To find out more visit or the Labyrinth Escape Rooms Facebook page.

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