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Apprentice hopes to be a cut above the rest at Hair Council Student of the Year competition

A YOUNG hairdressing apprentice has been given the opportunity of her fledgling career - after making it through to the finals of the Hair Council Student of the Year 2017.

Apprentice hopes to be a cut above the rest at Hair Council Student of the Year competition

Not only has Humberston's Ellie Mumby, 16, made it through to the finals of the prestigious competition but she has seen off around 100 entrants at her level, to make the last eight. She follows in the Lincolnshire footsteps of Demi Stainton who scooped the prestigious award in 2015.

The Level 2 hairdressing student from the Grimsby Institute only began her apprenticeship last September at Salon Fifty7 in Humberston.

Ellie explained how it happened: "I had to send a photograph of Hollywood hair - red carpet style and it was then judged.

"I got an email saying I had got through to the final. I travel to London on May 21, to the L'Oreal Academy in Hammersmith. I have to re-create the hair and have an interview stage."

At the event, there will be eight level two and eight level 3 finalists; the level 2 competition will be to create a red carpet look and the Level 3 an innovative cut and blow dry. In total 200 entered, evenly split between the two level of entry.The judges who put Ellie through to the final eight were Patrick Cameron, Andrew Barton and X-Factor's Jamie Stevens.

"I have always wanted to do this since I was little," continued Ellie.

"I have got a lot family and friends that are already hairdressers, so I've grown up seeing it all the time. I love it, it's interesting with everyone who comes in. I've got 50 minutes to create the Hollywood style - which is an up-do. It's not as difficult to create as it looks, it's getting everything in the right place."

As an apprentice Ellie washes and blow dries hair at the salon and is at the Grimsby Institute studying Level 2 hairdressing, one day a week and spends four days at the Fieldhouse Road salon.Family and friends are equally as delighted for Ellie.

"They are all so excited, more than me - I'm trying to keep it chilled for now. Everyone gets a goody bag with products and I'm both excited and nervous - just getting through to the final and the pressure of it all. A friend I went to school with, she's coming to London - she's never been before, she is dead excited."

Friend Samantha Richardson, 16, will be the hair model for the competition and they will travel down with Janice, to the capital the day before the event.

Salon Fifty7's self employed hairdressers Jack Sibley and Janice Yardley, (also the salon owner) have inspired Ellie to do well.

Ellie added: "We had a few ideas to start with, a lot got took out and re-done. It's been a long process. The model I started with, her hair was not the right sort of hair, so I have had to change it. There's no-one else from this area - eight of us have got through out of the country."

Janice, who has had the Humberston salon for two years said: "Jack and I share our apprentice, we are absolutely chuffed to pieces, absolutely dumbfounded that she's through to the final eight.

"The Hair Council is an establishment that is pushing to have hairdressers registered. They are trying to get it through Parliament so that members of the public will know their hairdresser is a qualified person.

"This competition promotes their qualifications and how important it is to be working as a qualified stylist. Ellie is in her first year so to achieve this is absolutely brilliant! It's amazing.

"I used to work at the college and did all these competitions, so now that I'm not there and I've come back into a salon, I still like to follow them and enter apprentices whenever I can.

"It's really good for her - she gets to travel. If she wins, she gets to go to the House of Commons for afternoon tea and spend the day with Andrew Barton as his salon.

"There's opportunities throughout the year working with the Hair Council doing different projects which could be demonstrations or helping hairdressers at shows."

The finals will be judged by hairdressers who are all well known and at the top of their professional careers.

"We are going to work hard over the next four weeks, making sure she's perfected her creation and improve it if we can," added Janice.

"I wish her all the best luck in the world - to get to this final eight is amazing!"

Ellie has her feet firmly on the ground for now but her ambitions are high. She added: "I want to be fully qualified and work on the cruise ships. I would like to say thanks to Jack and Janice."

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