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Best foot forward: Contractors invited to visit Triton Knoll site

POTENTIAL contractors on a forthcoming offshore wind project are to be given an opportunity to visit the 60km onshore cable route ahead of tendering for the work.

Best foot forward: Contractors invited to visit Triton Knoll site

The move by Triton Knoll hopes to maximise its UK investments by supporting British suppliers.

Major contractors are being urged to put their best feet forward as they prepare to tender for the project’s largest onshore contract to date.

Over the next few weeks, the renewables project will host several invite-only site visits for contractors hoping to win the main installation contract for the project’s underground onshore export cable.

The sessions will provide an opportunity for prospective contractors to fully understand the overall site, ensuring their final contract tender offers are realistic, appropriately costed and deliverable.

The proposed onshore export cable route is almost 60km in length and runs from the landfall location at Anderby Creek, through to Bicker Fen where the power generated by the offshore wind farm will ultimately connect into the national grid network.

Triton Knoll project director James Cotter said: “By providing this opportunity to visit the cable route and meet our teams, we hope to give potential contractors a real awareness of the work ahead. That way, their subsequent tender offers will be well informed, appropriate to the needs of the land owners, neighbouring communities and the project.

“We’re also taking this opportunity to clarify the obligation upon the winning contractor to encourage local companies to bid for future sub-contract work on the project. We’re determined that local companies will have visibility of contracts and the chance to bid for work on our project. In this way, we hope to play a role in the retention of local jobs and skills and to see investment flowing into the community.”

The non-intrusive site visits are due to take place during week days and will involve potential contractors in high visibility jackets, walking the length of the onshore cable route. Those involved will have the chance to survey the route visually, and use hand held measuring devices, in order to fully understand the layout. Groups of contractors will be transported to the start points by minibus and escorted by a Triton Knoll project representative throughout.

Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm will be located approximately 32km off the Lincolnshire coast and is being developed as a joint venture between Innogy Renewables UK Ltd and Statkraft.

Humber ports are being scoped for the 900MW project's construction and ongoing operation and maintenance.

A final investment decision has yet to be made, but it is ready to bid in this spring's subsidy auction.

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