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Beyond Zero campaign pulls hauliers in to port

ASSOCIATED British Ports has invited haulage companies serving Britain's largest port to attend a road safety workshop and Q&A session with the port manager for Grimsby and Immingham.

Beyond Zero campaign pulls hauliers in to port

Mark Frith sent out invitations to the top 50 local transport firms in order to give them the opportunity to discuss how safety standards could be improved on the Port of Immingham by working together.

Around 2,500 people work on the complex every day, with around 27,000 vehicle movements each week.

The session saw local logistics firms such as Brumptons, North Killingholme Trading, Rase and HandTrans learn about ABP's safety programme Beyond Zero.

Mr Frith said: "We hope that the session shows our wider port community that we care deeply about everyone who comes on to the port and that we want to do whatever it takes to make the port safer."

"By working collaboratively with our customers who frequent the port in Immingham, we can all help ensure everyone goes home safely."

The campaign, which was rolled out across the ABP Group in August 2016, aims to challenge safety behaviour and encourages people to question whether operations are being conducted in the safest possible way. Beyond Zero focuses on ensuring everyone who visits an ABP facility goes home safely at the end of the day.

The session focused on HGV-related incidents and near misses which have occurred on the port estate in the past two months. The group was asked about how they thought ABP could help improve safety.

Ideas suggested by the companies included reducing queuing time upon entering terminal areas and working directly with senior drivers who regularly visit the port.

Jenna Salmon, transport operations manager for DFDS, one of the largest tenants on the port estate in Immingham, said: "This session has created a platform that enables us to learn from each other and improve safety standards.

"DFDS has its own fleet plus 300 sub-contractors working through Immingham every day and we fully support the work ABP is doing and will encourage our sub-contractors to do the same."

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