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Can you help one of our students with an internship this summer?

Now that we have successfully got employability week out of the way, interviewing 203 students for national careers week I am now on my annual mission to find 48 internships for our Career Ready students this summer. If anyone would like to help one of our Level 3 students (aged 16-18) with a project/specific role over the summer for 4-6 weeks then please do get in touch with me. These not only greatly benefit the student but also the organisation as young people often bring in new ideas with a fresh set of eyes. 

Can you help one of our students with an internship this summer?

I've outlined in a little more detail what the internships are and how they benefit both student and employer. Cameron (see picture above) was one of our students who before he joined the Career Ready programme was painfully shy and couldn't even talk to a person in a shop due to nerves. Whilst at college Cameron was mentored by a local business professional (Mel Sharpe, Brackenborough Hotel) and had a 6 week paid internship at Shoreline Housing which transformed him into a confident young man. As a result he won the Sir Winn Bischoff Career Ready national award that enabled him to experience an all-expenses paid trip to New York where he visited prestigious USA organisations and was given a whistle stop tour around NYC.

Cameron said that whilst on his internship he faced many challenges, with the most memorable being his nerves. He managed to overcome this by talking to as many people as possible and constantly pushing himself out of his comfort zone and whilst there had a great line manager offering him support and encouragement. As a result Cameron's confidence grew exponentially and so did his business acumen, social and employability skills. Shoreline said that 'Cameron literally blew their socks off'. They were impressed with his adaptability, capability and confidence. Whilst there he conducted in depth research into their current processes identifying areas for improvement and created a report with positive proposals for reform. They were particularly impressed with how his confidence grew and how he developed key employability skills that employers are keen to see in the work place.

Cameron is now studying accountancy at Nottingham Trent University and in September starts his GAP year that he sourced himself, fighting off tough competition to secure an 11 month placement at PWC in London. This summer he has also applied to work in the USA as a camp counsellor for a summer camp programme for children aged 5 - 16. I am pleased to say that Franklin College and the Career Ready programme have enabled Cameron to believe in himself, raise his aspirations and help him along the way to what I can see will be a very successful career. We are all extremely proud of him and his achievements to date.

The internships take place over the summer holiday, ranging from 17th July to 1st September, they can last between 4-6 weeks and are ideally paid at National Minimum Wage for a young person, currently at £4.05 for under 18 years. The aim of the internship is to enable the students to see what the working environment is really like and to develop their employability skills allowing them to put their skills and knowledge into practice. Sometimes their internships gives the students a light bulb moment when they realise that this is the career path that they want to take. It is a great way for employers to also build up their own talent pool of future employees. Some of our students have gained apprenticeships and job offers as a result of their internships.

I am currently looking for internships within the STEM, legal, logistics, business and health sector. If you would like to talk to me in more detail about the possibility of helping one of our students then please do get in touch with me. I can be contacted on or call me on my direct dial 01472 875 996.

For more information on how you can get involved with our Career Ready programme please look at as each year I not only need internships but new mentors for each sector, guest speakers and companies willing to host a small group of students to their organisation for a workplace tour.

Let's do all we can to offer our future workforce an opportunity of a lifetime.  

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