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Could salmon knock sausages off the BBQ? Saucy says so!

HOT dogs are out and dining ‘Al Pesco’ is the way to go this summer, as 82 per cent of Brits say serving seafood is the best way to impress your guests at a garden party. 

Could salmon knock sausages off the BBQ? Saucy says so!

And while eight in every ten people are favouring fish dishes, only 3 per cent of us are still eager to serve sausages, meaning bad news for bangers as sausages sizzle out of fashion.  

Research into summer garden party serving trends from Grimsby’s The Saucy Fish Co also identifies how Eighties inspired canapes also seem to be a thing of the past, with only 7 per cent of Brits believing they’re the best way to ensure a sophisticated gathering, with a high majority preferring a much cooler spread that taps into the new trend of ‘Al Pesco’ summer dining. 

Of the seafood and sunshine lovers, salmon reigned supreme as the most popular choice to get guests hearts racing, closely followed by seabass. One-third of respondents favouring fish stated they would be happy serving any type of seafood. 

The survey, which targeted more than 2,000 UK consumers, also revealed how the heat is on for the long-serving king of the BBQ with one-in-four men saying they would prefer to serve up seafood than traditional char-grilled meat when dining outside. 

Another new garden party trend identified from the research sees the older generation needing more alcohol, apparently, with 84 per cent of those aged 45 plus thinking a garden party isn’t a party without plenty of alcohol and time to socialise, while only half of 18 to 24-year-olds agree. 

And in the quest for the UK’s number one fantasy garden party guest, brains beat brawn as Stephen Fry tops the poll with David Beckham, Beyoncé and Harry Styles hot on his heels. 

The findings of The Saucy Fish Co survey are released as part of the summer campaign from Icelandic Seachill, which aims to inspire more people to eat more fish more often. 

Officially recognised as the UK’s first and only fish ‘CoolBrand’, The Saucy Fish Co launched its frozen range earlier this year in a bid to encourage a new generation of shoppers. 

Leading food influencer and star of Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube channel, Katie Pix, who has incorporated the new Saucy Fish Co frozen range into several summer garden party serving suggestions, said “The versatility of the new Saucy Fish frozen range means you can cater to all tastes at your summer garden party. From superfood salmon salads for the more health conscious to the light and fluffy fishcakes which seriously fill you up, there’s something for everyone. Best of all, being able to pop them straight in the oven with no fuss means you can spend plenty of time socialising and still impress your guests.”

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