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Countdown is on to Seafood Week and Humber Seafood Summit

SEAFOOD Week is just 50 days away.

Countdown is on to Seafood Week and Humber Seafood Summit

Following a successful comeback in 2015 and a triumphant year in 2016, the eight-day campaign, running from October 6 to October 13, is designed to encourage people to buy, cook and taste seafood more often, and is wholly endorsed in Grimsby, the UK’s seafood capital. 

Spearheaded by town-based Seafish’s consumer platform, Fish is the Dish, Seafood Week provides all sectors of the food industry with a unique opportunity to showcase seafood as a healthy, convenient, affordable and delicious shopping basket staple. 

The campaign will encourage the consumption of seafood everywhere – whether it be at home, in a café or restaurant, or at the local fish and chip shop. To make this happen, there are a series of fun, fishy festivities planned, as well as the business-focused Humber Seafood Summit, at Humber Royal Hotel and Cleethorpes Pier.

Further plans from Seafish will also be highlighting the variety and quality of fish and shellfish on offer in the UK by creating shareable gastronomy art – guaranteed to have mouths watering.  

The organisation will be encouraging the public to expand their culinary repertoire by trying out a different fish dish each day throughout the week. 

A range of recipes has been specifically created to suit all tastes, lifestyles and budgets, and back by popular demand, it will host the eagerly awaited 2017 Fish Pun Day, challenging the Twitterverse to a ‘pun off’. 

​Heather Middleton, marketing manager at Seafish, said: “We want to bring the whole of the UK together to celebrate and showcase all the best that seafood has to offer.

“We’ve been eating it for generations. It is part of our tradition and our national identity, and it truly deserves a regular place on all our dining tables.

“To help build support of Seafood Week, we are urging people to start tweeting with the hashtag #seafoodweek.”

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