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Dip Society campaign wins major backing as crowdfunding soars

DIP Society duo Helen Boyle and Claire Ollard have managed to attract more than half of the £300,000 self-set target to continue their brand's growth.

Dip Society campaign wins major backing as crowdfunding soars

Having only turned to crowdfunding this month, the Wold Newton wonder products have clearly caught the eye of investors.

A total of £161,000 had been raised as of yesterday – a week on from the launch article.

Initial funds have doubled in the past seven days.

Helen said: "We had the first tranche of investment from the current investors, and we have had some other people step forward, some have been friends and family, some from networking.

"We did a pitch event to 60 investors who have accounts with Seedrs, (the online platform chosen for the push) and now we find ourselves just over half-way, which is absolutely fantastic.

"The focus now is on getting to 80 per cent. That, we're told, is the really tough bit, and we need to keep the momentum going, and make sure we are getting the campaign out everywhere."

From mainstream media to their own LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, the pair are pushing hard.

"Conversion rates indicate we need to speak to a lot of people to get where we want to go," Helen added. "We are aware that lots of people are watching us, putting their checks in, it is all quite amazing."

Launched in the North East Lincolnshire farming village in 2011, with the pair having met and discovered a mutual passion at a mutual friend's wedding, production has since expanded, and been outsourced to specialist Scunthorpe manufacturing facilities in order to meet demand from the likes of Ocado, Selfridges, Booths and Budgens.

New product development is now concentrated in the converted barn.

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