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Exciting Foods moves to Grimsby Seafood Village with big plans ahead

THERE are 'exciting' times ahead for the latest occupants at Grimsby Seafood Village.

Exciting Foods moves to Grimsby Seafood Village with big plans ahead

Exciting Foods, owned by Graham Keegan, have moved premises to 'the home of seafood' in an attempt to propel their growing reputation.

Already suppliers to restaurants up and down the country, it is hoped the move will provide Graham, who started the business 17 years ago, and the team a perfect platform to cook up some fresh ideas.

But they won't be forgetting the old favourites, such as their trademark dusted fish cakes.

Graham said: "As an established business, it's going to be much easier for us than starting from scratch.

"But what having our own factory allows us to do is take matters into our own hands.

"We offer our own products, which we currently ship out and supply all over the country, to restaurants and gourmet food outlets.

"It makes sense for us to be based in Grimsby, which is the home of seafood.

"At the moment we are creating fish-only products on site, but we will be offering a brand new range once we get settled.

"It will include chicken, meat and vegetarian products, which should prove popular."

On what products Exciting Foods have to offer, Graham added: "Our aim is to provide high end, quality products.

"A personal favourite of mine are the dusted fishcakes.

"Not only do they taste great, they are healthy and are easy to cook – they are popular with the restaurants we supply.

Currently offering around 20 products, Exciting Foods welcome bespoke orders from other food businesses and, of course, restaurants.

In this region, they also supply Holdsworth Grimsby – which is part of a national chain.

Harriet Barker, the factory manager, said: "It's exciting to be part of a business like this right from the very start.

"I've been involved in the industry for about eight years, but when Graham moved here he asked me to join the team.

"We currently offer around 20 different products, and they are all made on site.

"At the moment there is only a small team working on the factory, but we take care to make sure people are getting quality hand-crafted products."

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