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First look at stunning plans to bring Cafe Dansant in Cleethorpes back to life

Cafe Dansant was one of the hottest live music venues in Cleethorpes in the early 1900s - and fresh plans show how a 21st century version of the cafe would rekindle "old memories" and breathe new life into the resort.

First look at stunning plans to bring Cafe Dansant in Cleethorpes back to life

With a vision to transform the Kingsway Kiosk in to one of the resort's top live music venues, stunning plans have been submitted to North East Lincolnshire Council for approval by the team wanting to bring the once popular Cafe Dansant back to life.

Located in the heart of Cleethorpes and right on the seafront, the new Cafe Dansant would replace the existing Kingsway Kiosk cafe, and take inspiration in its design from the original 1930s Victorian building design.

Hodson Architects has submitted the planning proposal to the council's planners for approval on behalf of Andy McClusky, the owner of Kingsway Kiosk, who has pledged a significant investment into his dream to revitalise the venue.

Seating as many as 160 at any one time, the new Cafe Dansant would be a family-friendly venue during the day, serving hot and cold food and with a licenced bar, and will look to host a range of local bands in themed live music during the evenings throughout the week.

Developers met with residents of Cleethorpes in January to discuss preliminary plans, and as a result of that constructive consultation, decided to include an outside courtyard seating area in the final plans.

​The new cafe would extend the existing venue three-fold, and will even come with a rooftop terrace to give guests a chance to overlook Cleethorpes beach.

An excited Andy, who has been planning this ambitious development for a number of years, has explained his reasoning for wanting to rekindle old memories of the famous Cafe Dansant.

He said: "For a number of years the weather has created havoc with our summer season and I felt that if we can have a venue that is both under cover and outdoors then we can have the best of both worlds.

"I wanted to retain the heritage of the site and evoke memories for the older generations. Many people will have happy memories of vitality and live music.

"It was the preferred destination for people back in the day. It's really nice that it will be going full circle.

"It will be a striking building and a great deal of thought and effort has already gone in to it."

The new venue would be made up in large parts by big glass windows, so to ensure sea views for diners.

Andy says the new build will have a "striking" appearance but will fit in with the local surroundings. It will have a grey zinc roof, with much of the exterior covered with charred black timber.

​He added: "In the evening times we could have Jazz one night and Blues or Swing bands on at other times.

"There is so much that we could do and it's really very exciting for us.

"I hope it can be one of the go-to places in Cleethorpes. I think there is a gap in the market that isn't being filled at the minute."

The future of the proposed Cafe Dansant is now in the hands of planners at North East Lincolnshire Council, who will have the final say on whether or not it can be built.

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