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Frozen food just got cooler: Saucy has gone sub-zero!

FROZEN fish has “just got cooler” as Grimsby’s Icelandic Seachill launches its award-winning Saucy Fish Co brand into British freezer aisles.

Frozen food just got cooler: Saucy has gone sub-zero!

The major step, seven years after launching in chilled on the world seafood stage, is underway, with a national roll-out in Sainsbury’s happening now.

A total of 600 stores will be supplied with a range of five products from two Grimsby sites.

Due to the intense competition in the category it has been a tightly-guarded secret, with chief executive Simon Smith revealing it to be the reason so many of the proposed job losses last year were preserved.

The innovation, offering ‘frozen to fork in less than 30 minutes,’ mitigated the loss of Marks and Spencer work, with 120 positions from the feared 200 spared.

Now it is hoped success at the tills can be translated into growth in the town, after initial transatlantic trials got a big thumbs-up.

Mr Smith, pictured left, said: “In the wider business we have done some frozen, but not a huge amount. This is a big expansion of our frozen capability and our performance. We have already had success in the Canadian market with this product, and we are hoping for similar success in the UK, and that will bring more production in to Grimsby.

“When we went through the recent resizing exercise, knowing that we had this coming allowed us to mitigate some of the jobs lost.”

The Saucy Fish Co hopes to grow the frozen fish category incrementally by attracting younger shoppers, with higher value baskets, to the freezer aisle.

Amanda Webb, sales and marketing director, said: “Our research shows there is a lack of inspiration and a need for convenience in the frozen fish category. The new Saucy frozen range was designed to provide consumers with a much needed solution; quality fish, from freezer to fork in half an hour.”

An extensive digital marketing campaign will sit behind the “assertive attack on the frozen fish category,” where Grimsby’s Young’s and Birds Eye dominate.

The instantly-recognisable playful animated video is back, focusing on a couple’s first foray into the world of frozen.

“Putting digital at the heart of our brand strategy to launch Saucy Fish Frozen in the UK was a calculated move to catch our Saucy shoppers online and in-store,” Amanda added. “We want to inspire the mid-week meal, introduce a new generation of shoppers to Saucy’s cool new home of the freezer aisle and ultimately, get more people, eating more fish, more often.”

Promising chilled quality fish from the freezer, the range features Sea Bass with Salsa Verde, Smoked Haddock with Vintage Cheddar & Chive Sauce, Salmon with Chilli, Lime & Ginger Dressing and two Saucy centre fishcake variants.

The brand will also join forces with Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube cooking talent, Katie Pix, to further illustrate the convenience of cooking from frozen in a mid-week meal mini-series challenges.

The five videos will support each product, from next week.

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