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Grimsby duo to turn 80s Transit van into mobile bar

It may not look like much now but this old wagon will soon be criss-crossing the country bringing booze to thirsty partygoers.

Grimsby duo to turn 80s Transit van into mobile bar

Stevie Evardson and Sam Harrison are the proud owners of the 1983 Fort Transit Marque 2 through Stevie's business Bar Portage.

It was bought for £900 on eBay and collected from Kettering last week.

Bar Portage already offer a mobile bar service providing drinks for festivals, weddings and corporate events.

And once the van is up and running Stevie and Sam really will be serving drinks on wheels from what will be a fold out bar out of the side of the vehicle.

Stevie, 27, said: "We are going to get it all cut out and get the roof lifted with a big counter that comes out.

"We do get some funny looks when we're driving around in it, including a few beeps!

"Maybe we should just hide in the back until it's all finished - or at least until it's had a paint job.

"It's good though, we're super excited about it."

Stevie's uncle Craig Evardson is handy with his tools and has been enlisted to carry out the renovation.

Once it's done the plan is to make it adaptable to whatever a particular customer wants.

Sam said: "We don't want it to be a set bar like most portable bars, which generally do one thing such as champagne or gin.

"Any event that we go to we want it to be completely interchangeable.

"It could be a champagne van, a cocktail van - or even a rave bus!"

Stevie and Sam, 25, met while working together at Fourteen Restaurant in Waltham, now called Italian Affair.

After both moving on from there they joined up again at the Curious Cat in Grimsby where Sam was manager.

When Stevie left in April to run Bar Portage full time, which she started a year ago as a sideline, Sam wasn't long in following her.

Sam, who went to school in Humberston, said: "We met each other one morning for a coffee and within about two hours - and a couple of glasses of wine! - agreed to give this a go."

Stevie, formerly a pupil at Tollbar School in Grimsby, added: "I took Sam on because we're exactly the same, we both like working with people.

"When I bought all the portable bars we've currently got people were asking, 'do you know what you're doing?'

"We didn't plan on investing until a couple of years after we started but because of the success last year when we were fully booked we've done it early.

"We're excited to get this van made into something special."


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