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Grimsby ‘film star’ Lynx’s online sales are music to the ears

ONLINE sales success has seen two new members of staff recruited by Lynx Polythene.

Grimsby ‘film star’ Lynx’s online sales are music to the ears

The Grimsby film specialist turned to the world wide web to build on traditional orders after investing heavily to increase capacity at the South Humberside Industrial Estate base.

And while harnessing the latest e-commerce developments is paying dividends in its food and construction footholds, a resurgence in traditional tech is also music to the team’s ears.

Paying close attention to the growing popularity of records, Vinyl Keepers has been launched as a brand.
The anti-static premium product is commanding strong sales, with upwards of 160 orders a day for a niche product in a diversifying portfolio.

“The majority of our efforts now are online. The two new members of staff have been brought in solely to deal with online sales. Day-in, day-out it is a pick and pack operation.

“We are producing a lot of branded products, and we saw the resurgence in vinyl records. We make a range of record covers and they are going really well.”

Bought by end users, and with a distribution network including independent record stores, the Vinyl Keepers are also being bought by antique traders and record fair organisers.

In 2016, vinyl sales reached a 25-year high, with more than 3.2 million LPs sold, up 53 per cent on 2015. The passing of David Bowie in January last year has been credited with helping it eclipse all years back to 1991. Five of his releases finished in the top 30. Last year was also the first to see spending on vinyl outstripping digital downloads.

And with albums now selling at around the £20 mark, the desire for protection of the precious purchases has clearly risen too, particularly when the replacement – the CD – was so often sold on its indestructibility.

“We have our core industry range, but when it comes to other products, consumer products, we have seen how things have changed,” Mr Male said. “We were selling wheelie bin liners, but people won’t pay a lot for them. However, a set of eight dining room chair dust covers – ultimately the same product – is another good area of business. People can see value in protecting value.”

The brand attraction is being capitalised on, too, with a digital labeller added to the recent investments in plant and equipment within the South Humberside Industrial Estate base.

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