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Grimsby just got cooler as seafood brand prides itself on location

Following the hugely successful launch of its frozen range this year, Grimsby-based The Saucy Fish Co has officially made its hometown even cooler. 

Grimsby just got cooler as seafood brand prides itself on location

A proud member of the select Coolbrand club for several years, ‘Grimsby Just Got Cooler’ messaging is now proudly displayed on the town boundary sign, welcoming everyone to the UK's seafood capital. It is close to where the production facilities straddle the entrance, on South Humberside Industrial Estate and Great Grimsby Business Park. 

The support with the local authority has been welcomed by town ambassadors, underlining a source of pride for the area where food skills and expertise is rife. 

Owner Icelandic Seachill launched the frozen range in the UK, initially with Sainsbury's, in late January, with the ‘Frozen Just Got Cooler' slogan, which inspired the new Saucy signs in Grimsby.

Further up the A180, Saucy Fish also sponsors the Lockhill roundabout display - featuring the three boars heads from the town crest - with a selection of playful banners at each spur.

Humber Local Enterprise Partnership vice chairman Stephen Savage, who forged his legal career in Grimsby, said: “The Saucy Fish Co is known for being one of Humber’s most vibrant brands, so it’s great to see them adding a splash of colour to Grimsby.

“The brand has done an amazing job at innovating over the past seven years, acting as a market leader in the seafood industry and really is a success story the local region should be proud of.”

The company, understood to be the subject of a potential purchase by Britain's Hilton Food Group after owner Icelandic Group openly put it up for sale, has also recently announced upcoming partnerships with National Seafood Week and the RNLI’s Fish Supper. 

Saucy's brand manager, Anne Laudage, said: “The Saucy Fish Co is proud to be from Grimsby, so we are shouting it from the rooftops - and the roundabouts!”

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