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Grimsby make-up artist ‘catapulted into a different world’ with New York Fashion Week up next

A Grimsby nail technician and make-up artist has spoken of how she has been "catapulted into a different world" after being asked to work for the stars at the Cannes Film Festival and appear on a hit US TV show.

Grimsby make-up artist ‘catapulted into a different world’ with New York Fashion Week up next

Julie Bryan, from the Once Upon A Nail salon on Fieldhouse Road, Humberston, says her career has "snowballed" in recent months as she has jetted off to Los Angeles and Cannes to do the make-up of a whole host of stars, even appearing in an episode of a hit US prime-time television show.

She said: "When I got the call to go to LA I was actually preparing to head back to Grimsby from a holiday in Texas, and I must say it was one of the craziest 24 hours of my life, as I flew back to Grimsby, backed another bag and then jetted back off to the states, I had jet lag like you couldn't imagine.

"After that I then got an offer to work for the producers of the Oscars asking me to come over to Cannes to work with a company called For The Stars Fashion, where I was part of the team that did the make-up for the stars of Twin Peaks and a number of famous models and American singers."

Julie obviously made an impression on the stars, because since then she has been asked to attend the New York Fashion Week in September and is even heading down to Britain's Got Talent to do the make-up for the chart-topping Little Mix.

She continued: "It really is amazing that someone from Grimsby can all of a sudden find herself immersed in a world like this, it has been such an amazing opportunity.

"I originally started off doing CND Shellac manicures, but recently I have been doing alot of make-up although I am primarily a nail technician, and people have obviously been impressed with my work because I keep getting offered more and more opportunities, it is so exciting.

"At Cannes I was primarily focused on doing classic looks, but I also did a few in a more extravagant fashionable style, and it has been a real eye-opener into the hidden world of show business.

"It has been a real highlight to see the different side to the world of film, because it all looks so easy, when in realty it is a lot of hard work and back to back long days of work.

"But I have had some terrific moments, such as helping American singer Ricky Rebel who was struggling with a costume."

While Julie has signed a contract to not divulge too much information about her upcoming television appearance, she has said that the show is very popular on ITV BE, and will feature a couple of X Factor stars that she has tipped to make it big in the states in the next few months.

"This has all been such a crazy experience so far, but I am sure that I have many more in the future, and I would love to thank my sponsors, The Attic Spa, Tillets and In The Pink for all of their help."

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