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Grimsby MP Melanie Onn nets all-party fisheries chair role

GREAT Grimsby MP Melanie Onn has been elected to chair the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Fisheries.

The cross-party group of MPs regularly meets to take evidence from key players in the seafood industry and experts, and also has the chance to grill Government Ministers on their policies towards fisheries.

Grimsby MP Melanie Onn nets all-party fisheries chair role

Ms Onn said it would give her more influence and a better chance to fight for Grimsby’s seafood industry:

“I’m delighted to be elected to this position. Thousands of people in Great Grimsby work in the seafood sector, and I will now have a bigger platform from which to pressure the Government into providing greater support for the industry.

“I said during the election campaign that I would fight for the best Brexit deal for Great Grimsby, which means holding the Government to the promises made to the fishing industry during the referendum, and protecting the seafood sector’s ability to trade with Europe.

“My new role will give me more opportunities to question the Ministers responsible for these areas, and to make sure they know how their actions will affect the livelihoods of workers in Grimsby.”

Ms Onn was elected by the MPs who sit on the APPG as co-chair of the group with Conservative MP Sheryll Murray, who represents the South East Cornwall constituency.

Seafish, the industry authority, has its English headquarters in Ms Onn's constituency, at Humber Seafood Institute, Europarc, Grimsby. 

Fisheries is a major part of the Defra workload, with Michael Gove as Secretary of State and George Eustice as minister.

Soon after her arrival in Westminster in 2015, Ms Onn became vice chair of the group, but stepped down to become Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Commons in September 2015. She resigned from that role in June 2016 as the Jeremy Corbyn leadership battle became increasingly hostile.

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