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Huge Air1 growth sees first facilities replaced

TEN years ago, Yara’s brand of emission-reducing diesel exhaust fluid AdBlue, Air1, joined forces with Junction 23 Lorry Park and established the first “on the road” facility in the East Midlands.

Huge Air1 growth sees first facilities replaced

The facility, at Shepshed, Leicestershire – by the M1 – saw top-up introduced, having initially been rolled out at haulage depots.

The initial uptake was very positive and sales grew month by month.

A decade on and the lorry park is selling more than 20,000 litres of AdBlue a month, and the equipment originally installed has had an upgrade. Having initially featured a 4,000 litre combi-tank, Junction 23 now boasts a 9,000 litre bulk storage tank that feeds two pumps, and is one of 200 sites now established nationwide.

Charlotte Friggieri, Yara’s Grimsby-based Air1 commercial support specialist, said: “We recognise the need to make AdBlue available on the road as well as in transport depots. This latest retail AdBlue facility upgrade at Junction 23 illustrates the latest step in this development.”

The solution is delivered by vessel from the plant in Sluiskil, Holland, direct to terminal tanks in Immingham and Dagenham.

The past five years have seen a 134 per cent increase in volume.

A spokesperson for Junction 23, which provides 180 parking spaces in a fully fenced and CCTV-monitored compound, said: “We have been really happy working with Air1 and after ten years the site was in need of newer equipment so we were more than happy to continue the partnership with Air1.”

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