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Laceby Manor Golf Club extension approved by the council

Laceby Manor Golf Club has been granted approval for expansion with 26 new holiday chalets to be built on site.

Laceby Manor Golf Club extension approved by the council

It was discussed yesterday by the North East Lincolnshire Council Planning Committee who have opted to approve permission to build the lodges on what was formerly the driving range. This comes after an objection was lodged by Laceby Parish Council regarding highway safety issues on the A18 Barton Street.

The site would allow vehicles to access from the A18 via a tarmaced single tracked road with single passing places. With a number of definitive footpaths and bridleways located close to the application site, none will be directly affected by the development.

They plan to build a further 26 lodges to create more employment opportunities in and around the area, Roger Burnett, Laceby Manor proprietor, felt that this was the next step in expanding the business.

“This application is really important for us, at the moment we are full to capacity.

“This would create further holiday accommodation as a golfing and holiday destination. We have a five star hygiene rating and an amazing wedding venue and we are now beginning to attract County Championship Golf so enabling us to have these lodges will help going forward massively”.

He was also quick to point out the reason that people travel to Laceby Manor is for “peace and quiet as well as tranquility.”

A main concern that the committee did discuss are the highway issues the main road and junction have caused in previous years. However, since the speed limit has been decreased from 60ph to 50mph in the last three years there have been major improvements resulting in a 44 per cent deduction in casualties.

Councillor Colquhoun was quick to share his opinion on the issues around the Golf Club saying: “I don’t believe this road is safe, it’s better but not safe.

“Like has been said before Laceby Manor are now attracting people all over the country, tourists coming down this road are unknown to it so that is an issue I must raise. Although I am concerned I would not like to refuse this application”.

Although this was the main talking point of the application, the Committee was quick to conclude that these can be reviewed and resolved in much more detail but the application should, however, be approved.

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