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Local architect highlights Grimsby’s grand designs

MEMBERS of the Grimsby, Cleethorpes and District Civic Society (GCDCS) enjoyed a guest talk from popular local architect.

Local architect highlights Grimsby’s grand designs

Mark Hodson, of Hodson Architects, spoke recently at one of the GCDCS public meetings. Visitors were given an insight into his personal life and how he became to be the successful architect he is today.

Mark began the talk by divulging information about his personal history, explaining how he was born on the Nunsthorpe Estate and that his local roots are important to him. He spoke of attending Wintringham School and then later working for Rex Critchlow at Pye Architects who encouraged Mark to go to the University of Hull to study architecture.

He gave guests a detailed story on his journey through architecture and talked about designing buildings, some of which he had won awards for.

Mark stated how he was proud that he was born on the Nunsthorpe and spoke of the rich heritage and dereliction of Grimsby.

During his illustrated talk, he focused on Grimsby, after displaying photographs of several of his developments that had received awards. He also highlighted how Grimsby has too many buildings of merit that need more than concern to address their problems and how action is required.

The Civic Society said they are pleased to see his name attached to some of Grimsby's impressive Victorian and Edwardian buildings after they were brought back to use and used as apartments. Martyn Turner said: "He left us, as a society, with a lot to think about to address our future. Mark said, Grimsby has a great story to tell."

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