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Move over selfie stick, the new selfie mirror is the new way to pep up your party pics

WHEN you think of a magic mirror, most people would think of the famous mirror from Snow White.

Move over selfie stick, the new selfie mirror is the new way to pep up your party pics

A magic mirror that is made to compliment you is something that can only be found in fairytales – wrong.

Karen Willis and Ian Staples of Spinney Close, Immingham, can make you the fairest in the land with their brand new state-of-the-art Magic Interactive Selfie Mirror.

Ian and Karen run their own party business called Mum's Party Pixies which provides entertainment and catering for all sorts of parties and weddings.

Ian said: "The Magic Mirror is similar to a photo booth but it has so much more to it.

"With a photo booth, you simply put some props on and have your picture taken then it prints out. The selfie mirror we have is interactive and really engages with its audience."

Bought for around £6,000, the interactive mirror acts as a computer during the set-up.

Ian and Karen have an array of settings and features to cater to audiences.

Ian explained: "We want to hire this mirror out for all sort of different occasions and to do that, we have to make it attractive to potential customers.

"If we are going to use the mirror at a children's party, I use the software to create a child friendly theme. For example, with children, I will make it so the mirror is interactive for them with cartoon characters.

"The characters tell you when to pose, they tell you that you look good and they are entertaining."

Customers can also sign their own photographs by using their finger across the screen to write.

Karen and Ian discovered the selfie mirror and after trialling one out, decided they had to add it to their business.

They drove all the way to Chesterfield to see it.

"Karen was full of doubts, she really wasn't keen but as soon we saw it we were like 'wow'," Ian added.

They already provide and run a hot-dog stand, a candy floss machine and a Belgian lollipop waffle maker.

"The mirror is something we are really excited about," Ian added.

"We know that photo booths are popular but the selfie mirror is just so much better.

"The mirror can fit around ten people into the photograph and it is full length. A photo booth is just your head and shoulders.

"If anyone has any requests for a theme, we can design that for them.

"There is already a big catalogue of designs for people to choose from.

"For any occasion including birthday parties, engagement parties, baby showers, we can alter the designs to suit."

With the software for the mirror being so state-of-the-art, training was provided by a company called Noonch.

Ian undertook the training which was around two hours long.

Noonch also provide a back-up system in which customers' photographs can be saved if there are any electrical faults.

Ian said: "There are not many people that have been an interactive mirror like this so we just want to get out there and be seen.

"We have had a few bookings already and we only bought it in January.

"It doesn't take long to set up at all and it doesn't really take that much space up so it is ideal for parties.

"So far, we have had really positive feedback. We showcased it at the Humber Royal and they were impressed."

To help people understand the concept of the selfie mirror, Karen and Ian set it up at the Mayflower Pub in Immingham to show just how it worked.

Ian added: "I'm normally not great with computers, but with this, it's so easy to work and we have great support from the back-up team.

"Our prices are competitive with photo booth hire at the moment."

Hire fees start at around £250 and this price includes print outs. Standard photograph layouts are complimentary but any personalisations cost extra.

Karen and Ian will set up the equipment at your event and stay on site to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Ian said: "We just want people to know what a fantastic product this is for parties and what great fun it is.

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