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New Cleethorpes coffee shop to go head-to-head with Costa

A POPULAR Cleethorpes coffee shop is gearing up for a battle for customers with a renowned national chain when it relocates to new premises across the road from Costa Coffee.

New Cleethorpes coffee shop to go head-to-head with Costa

The locally-famed Riverhead Coffee shop in Alexandra Road, close to the High Street, Cleethorpes, is on the move - to a new, bigger store, in St Peter's Avenue, which will be open in time for Easter.

Riverhead Coffee first opened in the Riverhead area of Grimsby in early 2015, before opening the second coffee shop in Cleethorpes later on that year.

But despite little over 12 months in Cleethorpes, the booming business is looking to benefit from an increase the hustle and bustle of the resort's popular shopping street, in St Peter's Avenue, just yards away from Costa.

Business owner Nic Till announced the exciting news on Facebook last week.

The coffee shop in Alexandra Road is now closed as work gets underway to transform the new store, in the former Shake Shack, into a place to eat and drink that can hopefully drum up as much custom as the often-busy Grimsby branch.

The Shake Shack had been reopened by Annie Holmes, following the tragic death of her partner there three months ago, but closed again shortly afterwards.

No official opening date has been set yet but Nic has said the new store will open in early April.

It will be considerably larger than the previous coffee shop, which could seat between 10 and 13 customers, and will have enough space for between 25 and 30 customers.

And with the new move comes a new challenge for an excited Nic, who is ready to battle with national powerhouse, Costa, for customers and firmly believes "we offer a better product".

She said: "We want to recreate the style and atmosphere of the Grimsby store because that's what made it really popular.

"It's just something a bit different and I knew it was a risk but it seems to have paid off.

"We will see a huge difference in footfall here. You get ten times the amount of people walking down this street than in High Street.

"In Grimsby I know that we have stolen customers off the bigger chain and it will be a challenge here too. But I think we offer a better product."

Riverhead Coffee's rise in popularity has been meteoric for such a small, hyperlocal business. As well as the traditional selection of hot and cold drinks, breakfast, lunch and snack grub, the coffee shop also offers a range of 'clean eating' products for people sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

Vegan, dairy and gluten free products are also popular at the atmospheric and quirky cafes.

Nic, who backed the #IAMGRIMSBY campaign, added that creating a unique ambiance with friendly custom has been, and will continue to be, the key to success.

She said: "In general people seem to really like our range with the healthier options.

"We always give people a warm welcome when the visit and try to offer a personal touch with remembering what people like to order and things like that.

"It's really exciting for us, especially with all of the investment in Cleethorpes at the moment."

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