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Offshore wind giant’s pledge £25k to support Grimsby’s young people

A GRIMSBY offshore wind company has pledged a huge £25,000 investment in education, sport and arts to support young people in Grimsby.

Offshore wind giant’s pledge £25k to support Grimsby’s young people

Specialist asset manager, Attollo Offshore, has set up the Attollo Foundation which will work in partnership with the public and third sector organisations to provide funding and resources to increase the impact of projects in STEM education and sport.

Students who excel in STEM subjects, science, technology, engineering and maths, are commonly sought by companies in the offshore and renewable energy industry. Most schools and colleges in the region are pushing students to do well in these subjects as more and more industry leaders set up hubs in the Humber area.

Grimsby and Aberdeen-based Attollo Offshore has a specific interest in offshore wind and is keen to demonstrate the opportunities and improve education and research in marine renewables.

Ben Moore, managing director of Attollo Offshore, said: "By setting up this foundation and allocating these funds over a three year period, we aim to support the long-term development and sustainability of selected projects that will accelerate all-inclusive access for young people into competitive sports and education.

"It will provide a legacy to the area that supports the world's largest offshore wind projects.

"In discussions with the local community, we identified areas of need around sports and education projects.

"It became apparent that this need was for longer term packages of support to improve resources and accelerate participation in competitive sports and education.

"By helping programmes to become more sustainable over a longer period, we will help create greater opportunities for young people who would otherwise be unable to gain access."

Attollo Offshore is keen to play an active role in the local community in Grimsby. Through its foundation, the company will be targeting areas in which it can make the most impact.

In addition to funding, Attollo will bring together leaders and organisations to support these goals and the broader regional resources.

Mr Moore, added: "We are pleased to already be in advanced discussions with organisations that have requested assistance but, if any others who are involved in the development of young people in the Grimsby area, require support or funding, we'd encourage them to get in touch."

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