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Opening date revealed for community shop set to save Grimsby’s deprived families hundreds

A COMMUNITY shop selling cut price foods - tipped to save some of Grimsby's most deprived families more than £250 a month on shopping - will be open in just six weeks time.

Opening date revealed for community shop set to save Grimsby’s deprived families hundreds

Set to be only the fourth of its kind in the country, work has begun to build a social supermarket selling top brands at a third of usual retail prices, at Centre4, in Wooton Road, Grimsby.

Workmen have been drafted in and the construction process is underway with bosses harbouring hopes of being able to officially open by the end of April.

Described as an initiative that gives families who are strapped for cash "breathing space" by the man who came up with the idea, John Marren, not only will the new hub house a social supermarket, but facilities where members can improve skills and look for jobs.

And John, who spoke of his pride at seeing his big idea become a reality in Grimsby, says he thought of the scheme when he decided he wanted to "make a difference to people's lives".

He said: "The people it will really help are those who are maybe on benefits. It gives them a chance to make a change in their lives and it helps to build strong individuals.

"It's about introducing people to normality and it will make a real difference.

"There's also real value in the sessions that we do that help people get their life back together. The people of Grimsby will benefit hugely."

The food on the shelves will be high quality surplus products from the manufacturing supply chain, which is perfectly good to eat and within date, but for a range of reasons couldn't make it to the mainstream supermarket shelves.

It could be that the weight of the product could be a couple of grams different to what it says on the label, or it might be that the label features seasonal promotions or competitions that are no longer valid.

Either way, inside the packet is wholesome food, which Community Shop can sell at great prices to its members, preventing food waste and helping to stretch family budgets in tough times.

Grimsby MP Melanie Onn was instrumental in the talks to secure the service for the town. During a tour of the shop - now well under construction - Ms Onn said the service will help the neediest of the neediest in Grimsby.

She said: "I really hope that plenty of people use the resources available as well as access the shop.

"There are pockets of deprivation in Grimsby and it's important to address those problems. It will enable people to improve their situations.

"I have heard great stories of how it has changed people lives."

Gary Stott, head of Community Shop, added: "It's a place for people to develop life plans with a well-rounded service.

"People don't often want to accept hand outs but do want an opportunity to improve their lives. This enables people to do that and can free people of the panic of worrying how they will feed their families."

Retail giants such as Young's Seafood, Morrison's Manufacturing, Icelandic and many national chains have all pledged support.

To become a member people must meet an eligibility criteria before gaining access to the shop's benefits.

And located on Grimsby's Nunsthorpe estate, only people within a certain range to the shop will be eligible to access it..

More details will be announced closer to opening day.

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