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Plans unveiled to turn historic Grimsby printers building into retail space

Plans to convert an historic building in Grimsby into a new retail space have been submitted.

Plans unveiled to turn historic Grimsby printers building into retail space

The proposals also involve the creation of additional internal mezzanine floor space and minor alterations to the exterior of the old Albert Gait printers building on Victoria Street South.

The application, which has been published on North East Lincolnshire Council's planning website, has been submitted by a Mrs Claire Braithwaite, with David Hickinson Architectural Design acting as the agent.

Situated close to the High Point Retail Park, the original building dates back to 1891 and was constructed for the 1st Lincolnshire Volunteer Position Artillery. It replaced an earlier drill hall/barracks on Market Street.

The former artillery barracks was taken over by Albert Gait Printers in the mid 1930s.

While details over which retail outlet or outlets may occupy the premises have not been released, the applicant has expressed their desire to ensure the development remains in keeping with the historic old building.

Documents published on the council's planning website, state: "It is proposed that the change of use and minor alterations will bring new life back to a historic listed building in desperate need of repair and a new use to ensure it will survive for future generations to enjoy.

"The use is appropriate for the building and will cause little disturbance or damage in comparison to previous uses. The site is surrounded by retail units so the site is well located and the new business can integrate within a well-established retail zone."

The documents add: "It is not envisaged that the development will have a detrimental effect on the conservation area in particular the Victoria Flour Mills due to all external alterations being minor and the overall form and character of the existing ‘castle press’ building remaining untouched.

"The former timber yard is now the location of the modern warehouse under the applicant’s ownership but not part of this application, this asset is therefore historical and more recent works has superseded so the impact is not applicable.

"The mezzanine will be independent of the existing structure with exception of the ground floor where it will be supported on new foundations beneath, causing localised disturbance to the floor during construction. It is also proposed to provide a link by way of stairs from the new mezzanine onto the existing first floor mezzanine to the rear of the original building facing Victoria Street. A new lift and access stairs is also proposed to serve the proposed mezzanine."

The site and buildings remained a printing works until very recently, where it became vacant and is now under new ownership. The façade and office accommodation is almost unchanged, whilst the interior is much as it was in the 1930s there are some modern office subdivisions in the original road facing building.

The application is due to be considered by North East Lincolnshire Council's planning committee over the coming months.

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