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Powering on: Green energy accounts for more than 25% of Q1 UK generation

OFFICIAL figures released today have revealed that renewable energy generated more than 25 per cent of the UK’s electricity in the first quarter of this year.

Powering on: Green energy accounts for more than 25% of Q1 UK generation

Renewables generated 26.6 per cent, an increase of 1 per cent on last year, while coal’s output dropped from 15.8 per cent to 11.3 per cent. In the first quarter of  2015, coal was providing 30.8 per cent of our power.

Onshore wind set a quarterly record high, providing 8.3 per cent of our power, again demonstrating its role as a key technology in our energy mix. Onshore wind increased by 20.2 per cent compared to Q1 2016.

The wider Humber region, with East Riding of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, leads England in this form of generation, with the estuary-divided counties occupying positions one and two, according to Green Alliance's latest figures.

The second quarter of the year has already seen renewables provide more than 50 per cent on sunny days with strong winds, following on from the first days of zero-coal generation in decades. 

The Government statistics come in the week Grimsby celebrated 1GW of installed capacity in offshore wind.  

RenewableUK’s executive director, Emma Pinchbeck, said: “Renewable energy is a mainstream technology, which is cheaper and more advanced than ever. Our innovative industries have matured to the point where we now reliably provide over 25 per cent of the UK with clean, sustainable power.”

Another key publication was also released yesterday, the 2017 Report to Parliament by the Government’s advisory body the Committee on Climate Change. Ms Pinchbeck said: “The CCC rightly highlights the good progress which the UK has made to date in taking practical steps to combat climate change, such as taking advantage of wind, wave and tidal power. It also calls for the new Government to take urgent action to ensure that emissions continue to fall. The new Minister for Climate Change, Claire Perry, has already shown strong leadership by saying that she intends to unveil a bold and ambitious new Clean Growth Plan. We welcome her pro-active stance on this key issue.” 

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