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Queen’s Birthday Honours: Council leader and businessmen recognised

The council leader and two businessmen are among the people from our area recognised in The Queen's Birthday Honours list.

Queen’s Birthday Honours: Council leader and businessmen recognised

Chief executive of Humberside Airport and Eastern Airways, Richard Lake, will receive an OBE for his services to aviation.

Mr Lake said: "I'm humbled to be awarded an OBE by The Queen for services to aviation.

"I've been involved in aviation for 40 years and launched Eastern Airways 20 years ago.

"The airline is today firmly established as one of the leaders in the UK regional airline business and the number one provider of fixed-wing services for the oil and gas sector.

"Humberside Airport was more recently acquired as part of the business and its development continues apace.

"It has given me great pleasure to nurture, provide employment and see the development in people pursuing careers in the aviation industry.

"I'm passionate in the preservation of historic aeroplanes and in continuing to recognise and acknowledge the contribution that our veterans made to the country.

"Changes to the aviation industry have been dramatic during this time and will continue to evolve in years to come."

Dean Bolton, who runs Eyewatch Security in Scunthorpe, is to pick up an MBE for his services to the community and local business.

Mr Bolton said he was surprised to receive the letter informing him of the award.

"I found out about two or three weeks ago," he said. "I thought someone was trying to pull a joke on me at first."

Mr Bolton has been in local business for the past 20 years.

He founded his company back in 1997 and developed it into a alarms and CCTV firm following the recession.

The firm offers a wide range of CCTV services from video motion detection systems to infra-red cameras.

"If you had said to me 20 years ago that I would be developing electric security equipment then I would have laughed at you," he said.

Since being in operation, Mr Bolton has supported local business and urged people back in 2011 to  keep money in the area through signing up to the Buy Local campaign.

Now, he has said he is nervous about meeting the Queen.

"We have done public speaking before, but I have never done something like this," he said.

North Lincolnshire Council leader Rob Waltham was awarded an MBE for his service to local government.

He has led the authority since January and is a ward councillor for Brigg and Wolds, having previously represented the Burringham and Gunness ward.

He said: "I have spent 20 years in local government and I have been thrilled and excited by every single minute of it, either working in local government or as an elected member.

"I think I have helped improve people's lives and want to continue doing that and it is nice to be recognised for the long hours and hard work I have put in."

Mr Waltham said he initially did not open the letter informing him of his honour and was quick to acknowledge the contribution of others across the area.

He said: "I found out about six weeks ago but I put the letter to one side and thought 'I'll look at it tomorrow'.

"I am pleased because for me, it is for everybody in my team and everybody who works in North Lincolnshire in a voluntary capacity. North Lincolnshire is part of a team and not a lot of people get applauded or acknowledged.

"The other context is there are a lot of people who work hard on a daily basis and haven't been lucky enough to get an honour, who take risks to keep us all safe or work long-hour shifts.

"I am lucky that I am in a profession where I have been recognised but it is important to recognise those who never get three letters after their name."

Mr Waltham said he intended to use the honour to help attract better opportunities for people in the region.

He said: "It is my job to sell North Lincolnshire and that is what I intend to use this for.

"I am going to use it to get into every door possible to make sure North Lincolnshire is at the top of the agenda for funding, investment, business and jobs and to make sure we deliver better-paid jobs."

And he said he hoped his MBE would prove to be an inspiration to others.

He said: "Someone said to me that I am one of very few people born in Brigg who have got one.

"I grew up on a council estate with a one-parent family and it tells you no matter where you start, with hard work and a little bit of luck on your side, you can do anything."

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