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Quirky new home decor store in Grimsby brings colour and life back to the Old Mill

A brand new home decor shop has opened in Grimsby, with the owner hoping to bring a little bit of "colour, life and quirkiness" back to the Old Mill.

Quirky new home decor store in Grimsby brings colour and life back to the Old Mill

Steffi Jane Designs, which opens today in the Old Mill Building, Garth Lane, will be a home decor shop that specialises in homemade, up-cycled furnishings and upholstery, with owner Stefanie Le'Gallienne, making nearly everything that you find in the store herself, adding her personal touch of colour and life to every item.

Stefanie, a former Nurse and midwife of 30 years, decided to start the business after leaving the world of health care last year, and felt that it was time to embark on a new adventure.

Up-cycling old furniture and design has always been a passion of hers, doing it as a hobby in her spare time, and selling her creations at local fairs on a small scale, however after finishing her previous line of work she started looking at what shops were available and decide to give it a go selling her designs full-time.

After finding her premises in the Grade II listed Old Mill Building, Stefanie and her husband Keith spent nearly two months redecorating, turning the site from an abandoned and rubbish filled room, to a brightly coloured little workshop, featuring some of her favourite work.

She said: "When I first told people about what I was planning to do, people were a little unsure about how it was going to turn out, but now that we have the shop finished people have been passing and wanting to come in all the time, which has really given me a confidence boost.

"There aren't really any small and quirky design shops here in Grimsby and I'm hoping that we will be able to bring a bit of life and quirkiness back into the Old Mill Building, which I have great memories of visiting when I was younger and it was still a nightclub and pub.

"Nearly everything that is available in the shop I have made myself, and I have an open workshop here where anyone who would like something created can come and give me their ideas for me to create, and if they want they can watch exactly what I am doing in case there is anything special they would like added.

"We will also have Annie Sloan paints in stock, which are a brilliant high end product, that can create amazing affects, and a few other fun little items such as ethical animal heads, which are a fun faux taxidermy that you can create yourself, and also my daughter Georgia has up-cycled a number of old horse-shoes that make great decorations."

She added: "I would like to thank my wonderful family for all of the help they have given me in opening this new shop, as Keith has been here helping to refurbish the place every time he has had a moment free from work, along with my daughter Georgia who has been ever so helpful and of course my dad David Lawson, who designed and created the stores sign and logo."

Steffi Jane Designs will open for the first time today, offering everything from home-made furnishings to quirky household items, and Stefanie is happy to take on board any little projects that you would like completed, with a huge array of fabrics and materials to make whatever it is you desire.

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