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Shoreline plan to transform Nunsthorpe and East Marsh garage sites into 23 new homes

Shoreline has outlined its plans to transform two former garage sites in Grimsby into 23 new affordable homes.

Shoreline plan to transform Nunsthorpe and East Marsh garage sites into 23 new homes

Grimsby's leading provider of rented and affordable housing has submitted its grand plan to regenerate two run down sites, one off Freeman Street and one on the Nunsthorpe estate, to North East Lincolnshire Council.

Shoreline Housing Partnership is asking for permission from council planners to press on with plans to build 15 of the new two-bedroom homes on land off Bodiam Way, Harlech Way and Werneth Road, in Grimsby.

If approved, a separate development of the the new terraced homes would be constructed on land off Bremerhaven Way and Dolby Vale.

Both sites formerly housed garages and the plots are currently empty after the buildings were demolished earlier this year.

In drawing up the plans, Shoreline has been in consultation with North East Lincolnshire Council and hopes to build the East Marsh development around central parking areas, in a courtyard type development.

The homes will all be two-storey in size, with two bedrooms and a bathroom on the top floor, with a living/dining area, kitchen and small washroom with a toilet downstairs.

Each will come with a rear garden, and there will be a selection of private parking spaces for residents.

The larger block of 15 homes will be split across two adjacent sites on Grimsby's East Marsh. Seven of them will be built between Bodiam Way, Werneth Way and Wellington Street, with eight between Bodiam Way, Werneth Way and Harlech Way.

The housing organisation also sets out its commitment to installing a "high level" of physical security measures once the homes are built.

Door entry viewers and security chains, provision for the installation of security alarms, secure and lockable gates to all boundaries and external security lighting to all entrance doors and garden areas are outlined in the proposals.

A detailed vision for how Shoreline wants the site to look once complete has officially been submitted to the council, who are now tasked with deciding if the scheme gets the go-ahead or not.

The houses on the Nunsthorpe and East Marsh will be identical in appearance and very similar in lay out.

However, the Nunsthorpe site, unlike at East Marsh, would not be constructed in a courtyard style layout, and instead would be split into two blocks of four, either side of Bremerhaven Way, facing Beechwood Avenue.

Parking for residents would be available at the rear of the development.

In outlining sustainability of the developments, Shoreline says the East Marsh homes would be close to several schools, near to a medical centre and located just a minute's walk from the Freeman Street shopping area. It is also close by to several transport links and public services.

A Shoreline spokesperson, said: “This application forms part of our continuous review of assets and relates the proposed clearance of standalone garages with a view to potential future potential small-scale development which would be subject to a separate application.”

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