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Staff buzzing following lavish extension at Grimsby beauty parlour

A popular Grimsby beauty parlour has extended its already lengthy list of beauty treatments and services following a lavish extension.

Staff buzzing following lavish extension at Grimsby beauty parlour

Bee Beauitful, on Wellowgate has adapted the upstairs of their current premises to create a "world away from the busy one we know."

The newest addition to the premises features a "relaxation haven" where customers can enjoy a number of treatments in a specially created peaceful and tranquil environment.

Owner, Zoe Dowson, who has been at Bee Beautiful for 17 years said: "The treatment room is cut off from any hustle and bustle. There are no telephones upstairs and the beeping of the door of clients coming and going cannot be heard. We have made the room as relaxing as possible where people can shut off from every day life and just relax."

The beauty parlour has an impressive seven treatment rooms that stretch right through the building. They offer a wide range of treatments such as manicures and pedicures, waxing, lash extensions and HD brows. As well as this, their extension has allowed them room to practice more complex treatments.

Zoe, who has been a beautician for 25 years, explained: "We just needed more space. We wanted it so customers had continuity in their treatments and wasn't being swapped around from room to room.

"We now have the space to carry out different treatments including Crystal Clear microdermabrasion and oxygen therapy, facials and ear candling.

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"All the girls here work under the name Bee Beautiful but they are all self employed. Having more space will allow them to bring something different and create their own identities using their own beauty treatments. This is my 25th year in the business now and I wanted the other girls to take the reigns a little bit."

The relaxation room has a neutral tone to it with soft music and candles dotted about. It has an array of elixirs and also a station where nails can be done in a calm environment. Although the street lies just below the window, exterior noises cannot be heard.

"We wanted to create a safe haven for people and with Christmas just gone, we have been busy supplying treatments to people who were bought a gift card. Gift cards are one our of biggest sellers. People are buying their loved ones some time to themselves in a world where we don't have a lot of it," Zoe added.

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"Bee Beautiful has access for everyone in our downstairs treatment rooms. We have wheelchair access and pushchair access which we know can sometimes be difficult so there is something for everyone."

The staff have brought a mixture of treatments for clients to the business with customers having a positive reaction to the change.

Zoe added: "I don't see work as work. I see it as a catch up with my friends. When you've had 25 years experience in this industry, you build up a friendship with your clients. My clientele are my friends. You attract your own personality in your clientele.

"I just want to thank my parents for their help. My dad built this place up 18 years ago and I just want to say thank you to him for that. Here's hoping the next 25 years don't go as quick as the last 25 years have done."

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