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Take a look inside the refurbished Parkinson’s cafe bar in Cleethorpes

AFTER five months and a lot of planning and hard work the new-look Parkinson's cafe bar is up, running and open for business.

Take a look inside the refurbished Parkinson’s cafe bar in Cleethorpes

Having navigated many a rough-sea over the winter months in the organising and combining the cafe with the Banana Leaf, toy store and Reef Rash businesses, The Helm is the at the head and is the new flagship of the Parkinson's dynasty which takes another turn.

As previously reported Parkinson's Cafe closed in October 2016 and the work began.

"We initially thought the work would take five to six weeks!

"But five months down the line little did we know!" smiled a very proud Julie Parkinson.

Renamed The Helm, the cafe/bar is just delightful, clean and crisp yet still retaining its friendly atmosphere.

Parkinson's is one of the oldest family businesses, opened by Julie's father, the late Ernest, 72 years ago. The business is now being run by the fourth and fifth generation of the family who have worked tirelessly to get the refurbishments to the stage they are at today.

Julie said: "We have had some teething problems but we are here now. It's such a shame dad didn't get to see it.

"The change is unbelievable. It's so different working behind the counter now, I'm not used to all the barista machines. But in my wildest dreams, I never dreamed it would be this good.

"We have retained a lot of old customers but we have gained a vast amount of new ones as well."

The cafe's interior is influenced by Ernest's love of the sea with a wooden boat-style counter named SS Ernest William. They are serving old favourites to posh breakfasts with smashed avocado.

Ernest was quite the craftsman and the family have retained furniture he made 72 years ago.

Julie explained: "We have recycled so much of what dad made. There are benches that he made to fit in the bay of the window and we still use them today and there are individual chairs that have stood the test of time for 72 years.

"We have the boat for the counter as well which we have named after my dad."

The boat counter houses an array of exquisite home-made cakes. Customers can choose from a range of home-made foods that cater for all diets and health requirements. Slimming food, gluten free, veggie options and alternative milk options such as almond and soya milk.

Every Thursday they have a theme of 'old school meals' where customers can be transported back to their school days with dishes such as sausage and mash, shepherd's pie, chocolate concrete and custard and Manchester tart.

And under the same roof is Reef Rash, selling surf wear, street wear and wet gear run by Julie's daughters Jaime Armour and Hannah Kennedy. Banana Leaf sells gifts and home interiors and lso incorporates furniture, Arifix model kits and Gibson jigsaws.

Jaime said: "We have had a few problems but we are here now and I think it's really good. We are really happy with it."

Julie added: "We want to thank Scott Davidson who has carried out all of the work and who has worked with us from the beginning. He has done much and he's been absolutely fantastic."

Business is booming for the Parkinsons, so much so that they are looking for additional staff.

A great place to meet up for a coffee and something to eat with the added bonus of the bit of shopping - all under one roof.

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