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Totally Locally campaign launched to encourage shopping at independent businesses

A group of intrepid business owners have decided it is time to take things into their own hands and go 'Totally Locally'.

Totally Locally campaign launched to encourage shopping at independent businesses

The commercial movement aims to lift the economy of the area by encouraging us to spend with independent businesses, and is being led by Nic Till of Riverhead Coffee.

No stranger to taking on the big boys – she has just opened her latest outlet opposite Costa on Cleethorpes' St Peter's Avenue – she has latched on to a movement established by brand expert Chris Sands in 2009, as the recession bit hard.

Nic said: "At the moment we're a small group of local people, business owners and North East Lincolnshire lovers who want to try to improve our area and change the way people think about local independent businesses. We want to help boost our local economy by using this marketing campaign, which has already proven to be really successful in lots of other towns and areas.

"We're asking local businesses to come forward and join us."

A launch event for local businesses has been arranged for Tuesday, June 20

Having estimated that if every household in the North East Lincolnshire spent just £5 per week in their local independent shops – instead of online or at the big supermarkets – Nic has found it would be worth an extra £17.9 million a year going into the local economy. If every local business spent £10 a week more with another local business it would be worth another £1.8 million.

"All that means more jobs, better facilities and a nicer place for us all to live," added Nic. "It makes you think doesn't it?"

With the likes of Abbeygate, Freeman Street and Sea View Street, the area has strong independent hubs, where support could well be garnered. Late last year Cleethorpes' treasured terraced avenue was a runner-up in the Great British High Street competition, winning special recognition for social media presence.

Mr Sands, who is based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, and has seen the movement taken on in France and Australia, as well as scores of towns in the UK, said: "This shop local movement supports independent retailers, offering free branding and marketing campaigns for local towns. Teams of volunteers use the campaign to promote the importance of shopping locally in their towns, celebrate their high street and create community events. The aim of the campaign is to support local growers, producers and services and to appreciate the things that locals have their doorstep and to develop a collective responsibility to support local businesses in order to make towns thrive.

"Totally Locally believes that independent businesses and shops are the bedrock of our communities, and when they thrive they create real jobs, cohesive towns and strong economies."

The event takes place at 6pm at the Pelham Suite, Cambridge Road, Grimsby. For more information and to book a place log on to

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