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Trio of huge processing investments progressing at Blackrow

CEREALS, chocolate and chicken have been keeping Grimsby’s Blackrow Group busy in the first half of a year that has seen Barry Taylor take the helm as managing director.

Trio of huge processing investments progressing at Blackrow

Three major contracts in food processing are being served up in North Wales, Derbyshire and southern Lincolnshire, with teams dispatched to sites and fabrication work undertaken at the sprawling South Humberside Industrial Estate base.

Having handed over the installation of a new cooking line and tempering process at Kellogg’s’ Manchester facilities, a team of 10 is now in Wrexham working on a three month contract, with project management and installation of equipment the main role.

In Somercotes, following a major acquisition in the confectionery sector, the Blackrow team has a further 20 people involved in the manufacture of chocolate tanks and pumping systems, as well as the design and installation of jacketed pipework to feed the process lines.

The work will enable new products to be produced in the UK for the first time, and pressurised chocolate vessels have been built in Grimsby, so too the specialist piping, which will see hot water routed around the carried chocolate to prevent it setting in transit.

And last but not least is “a vast amount of work in poultry” with another market leader serving retail clients from Sleaford.

“The client is spending a huge amount of money investing in new technology to improve the processes and the quality of produce for the retail sector,” Mr Taylor said.

At peak 20 to 30 Blackrow employees will be on site for the project, which is forecast to end this summer. He said: “We are installing equipment, manufacturing conveyors, installing piping systems, designing and installing control systems.

“This is right across the skill set; electrical, pipework, installation and design.”

While food is at the fore on these three fronts, other work is ongoing too, and the rebranding of the £18 million turnover business has now been 95 per cent rolled out.

“It has been a busy start to the year due to all the things we have been doing,” Mr Taylor added.

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