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Tuck into tasty treats at new Riverhead Coffee in Cleethorpes

IF you're in need of a decent coffee in a friendly, warm environment then head up the 'avenue' to the new Riverhead Coffee shop in Cleethorpes.

Tuck into tasty treats at new Riverhead Coffee in Cleethorpes

Riverhead Coffee is now open for business at its new location at 19 St Peter's Avenue in Cleethorpes.

With a successful coffee shop already in Grimsby, the locally-owned Riverhead Coffee has moved from its High Street position and owner Nic Till is over the moon with her new venture.

As busy as ever Nic was serving in her new premises when we caught up with her in between taking orders.

“We only opened on Saturday at the May Day Bank holiday weekend and the response has been fantastic," she smiled.

This cool, quirky and alternative coffee and tea shop is ideally placed for shoppers, visitors and of course us locals in need of a good quality beverage and food.

With great background music playing, hessian cushions and a colourful counter area, Nic and her team are all working between both the Grimsby and Cleethorpes shops.

“We still have our loyalty cards which are valid in both the shops, and have great offers on for a bagel and coffee or a tea and toast for £3.50 and a takeaway lunch for just £5 ," said Nic.

At Nic's Grimsby shop, they hold many other events, including workshops making embroidered love hearts with Gemma Winter's, It Started With A Stitch business and Nic hopes in the future to hold similar events at her new St Peter's Avenue shop.

“We're just getting things off the ground here but I hope to be able to hold extra community events.

“We need to know what people want although we are working with A Good Yarn for an event in a month or so and doing Yarn Bombing which is a kind of graffiti yarning and hanging their creations on lamp posts etc to make the area more colourful.

As with all good coffee and tea shops, there is an abundance of delicious looking cakes on offer including peanut butter energy balls, lemon bliss balls and choc nut power balls and carrot cake.

Nic also serves breakfast, lunch and snacks, including 'clean eating' products for people sticking to a healthy lifestyle, vegan, and dairy and gluten free products.

And for those of certain age, Nic serves her milk in little old-fashioned-looking milk bottles, the kind we used to have our milk out of at school.

Riverhead Coffee is open seven days a week, Monday to Saturday, 8am to 5pm and Sunday 9am to 5pm.

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