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United approach to seafood training is welcome

A TWO day training conference hosted by Seafish brought representatives from across the United Kingdom to Grimsby Seafood Village.

United approach to seafood training is welcome

Filleting and fishmongering specialists from Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and elsewhere in England descended on North East Lincolnshire this past month.

Lee Cooper, national learning and standards manager at Seafish said: "Outputs from the two day conference exceeded our expectations."

As well as agreements on standards required for fish filleting trainers and the structure of new knife skills related courses, an agreement on a way forward for collaborative working across the four seafood training networks was also reached.

"This should lead to many more smoking, quality assessment and knife skills courses for employers, apprentices and members of the public," Mr Cooper said.

The new fishmonger trailblazer scheme was discussed as well as an understanding of the new Master Fishmonger Scheme being developed by the Worshipful Company of Fishmongers.

Alison Freeman from the London organisation, and Ian Mitchell of M&J Seafoods in Grimsby, joined the discussion.

The event also led to potentially three new trainers and three new venues being approved and recognised by Seafish.

Day two saw the delegation take in Grimsby Fish Market.

The Grimsby Seafood Village Training School, approved by Seafish for the delivery of fish smoking and filleting training, is home to two Afos micro kilns, manufactured in Hull, and on loan from Seafish.

Ivan Jaines-White, director of Grimsby Seafood Village Training School, said: "Events of this kind, bringing together experts with a shared passion and common goal of enhancing skills within existing and future generations, cannot be overestimated."

Since launch the Grimsby facility has attracted course participants from Miami, Australia, and Germany, with one entrepreneur purchasing two smoking kilns to ship to Australia.

Three day courses are carried out for one of the major retailers, in addition to bespoke courses.

For more on training and facilities available call 07788 598661 or email

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