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Very happy Easter for our key export as fish enjoys a three year high

EASTER’S retail period experienced the highest sales of fresh fish in three years, with more than 6,000 tonnes of seafood sold during the fortnight.

Very happy Easter for our key export as fish enjoys a three year high

It is up by almost 188 tonnes – or 3.2 per cent – since 2015.

Good value options such as warm water prawns, basa, haddock, cod, crabsticks, plaice, trout and whitebait all proved popular, increasing their volume sales from both the previous fortnight and Easter 2016.

The new market data is published by Grimsby-based Seafish, the UK industry authority on seafood, and follows on from Christmas, when the highest rate of sale in four years was recorded.

Both provide a huge boost to Grimsby’s proud merchants and processors.

Fresh fish replicated the festive consumption trends, topping the segment in terms of increasing volume sales (0.3 per cent) and sales value (7.6 per cent) year-on-year, with total sales at more than £85 million.

The frozen sector saw volume sales grow by 0.2 per cent and sales value rise by 5.8 per cent to £28.5 million.

Julia Brooks, pictured, market insight analyst at Seafish, said: “It’s clear from this data that the tradition of enjoying fresh fish at Easter, such as a haddock and cod, is still going strong.

“With Easter 2017 occurring later in the year, fish sales benefited from not just the Easter spike, but also the normal spring seasonal uplift.

“The high increase in whitebait consumption was a trend we noted at Christmas which appears to have continued throughout 2017.

“In addition, we’ve seen certain species, such as basa, making a splash this year. This could be down to consumers looking for a cheaper alternative to traditional staples such as cod, haddock and monkfish.”

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