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Vet duo are pushing back against corporate giants

TWO local vets, Peter Dixon and Phillip Mutondo are opening the doors to a new practice in Humberston next month.  

Vet duo are pushing back against corporate giants

In doing so the duo behind Wolds Veterinary Clinic are pushing back against the corporate owned giants and opening a small, independent veterinary practice where they will be totally hands-on with their patients and get to know every single animal they treat.

Peter said: “Staggeringly 80 per cent of veterinary practices in the next five years could be corporate-owned. 

“This sits very uneasily with us and prompted us to open our own clinic where the animals are at the very heart of what we do. 

“At Wolds we’ll be offering the finest service, facilities and care and will be able to make decisions on who supplies our practice, with the best interests of our clients and their pets in mind.

“Contrary to misconceptions this will not cost our clients more but will enable us to offer a more personal, tailored and cost-effective service.”

The pair will be supported by a highly skilled and dedicated team of receptionists and nurses and the brand-new, purpose-built practice will boast two state-of-the art theatres, three consulting rooms, dedicated imaging suite including digital x-rays and ultrasound scanning, alongside its own in-house laboratory.

Phillip said: “Our key aim is to offer independent and first-class care to patients and owners who can expect a kind and friendly environment and always see the vet of their choice, day and night. 

“Many corporate vets contract out their out-of-hours emergency services but this will all be done in-house so even if you need cover in the middle of the night you’ll get to see Pete or myself. 

“When a pet you care for is in distress, having your own vet dealing with an emergency is very reassuring and will be another key offering at Wolds.” 

The experienced pair have met at a local practice where plans to open their own clinic, centred around their beliefs about what is important, took shape.

Peter has a very thorough understanding of all areas of pet care, having gained a wealth of practice since qualifying in 2005, with two degrees under his belt, in animal science and veterinary medicine. 

He has worked on a South African game reserve, completed a “fascinating volunteering post” in Indonesia carrying out dentistry on the critically endangered slow loris and a multi discipline internship in Solihull. 

With the exception of these he has worked in the area, and said his strong affinity with the place in which he grew up made it “the natural choice” for him to set up his own clinic.  

Phillip brings the surgical expertise to the practice having undergone extensive training and mentorship over the years which have culminated in him obtaining advanced qualifications in small animal soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery. 

The past seven years of his practice career have been in the local area where he is well settled with his family. 

The pair do not harbour desires to grow their business into a vast practice, as Peter outlined his ambition. 

“We’d like to get to four vets and then stop. That way we can keep Wolds a community practice with that incredibly important personal touch that people will keep coming back to.” 

It is set to open on September 12, at the newly-built Hewitts Business Park, Altyre Way.

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