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World’s biggest chippy opens in Cleethorpes - the capital of fish and chips

The world's biggest fish and chip shop opened in Cleethorpes on Saturday with a promise to make the resort the fish and chip capital of the world.

World’s biggest chippy opens in Cleethorpes - the capital of fish and chips

The family run business, Papa's, has created more than 90 jobs and a renovation has cost of more than £250,000 with the mission to make the 500-seater venue at Cleethorpes Pier the best in the world, a well as the biggest.

A long queue built up 90 minutes before the scheduled opening with the lure of a fish and chip meal for the first 100 customers for just one penny.

The smells of freshly cooked fish and chips wafted over the seafront as father Sid Papadamou and is sons Dina and George welcomed their first customers.

They are fresh from winning the BBC competition to find the best fish and chippie in the UK.

George said: “Geographically, because Cleethorpes is just down the road from Grimsby fish docks and we have Lincolnshire on our doorstep with all the finest potatoes customers can expect the freshest fish and chips, all locally made in Cleethorpes."

With a special offer of small fish, chips and a choice of sausage or fish cake and a side of beans or peas - all for just £3.25 it is not surprising people are relishing a trip along Cleethorpes Pier.

Jo Coupland, 40, of Chelmsford Avenue, Grimsby made sure she was first in the queue by getting to the Pier for 10am.

She said: “You can't judge anyone for fish and chips for just 1p."

Husband Paul, 36 said: “I have been to their restaurant in Hull and it is fantastic."

They were joined by friend Chantelle Cousins.

Callum Evers, 25, of Grimsby was holding a bunch of flowers and Heaven Barlow, four who were going to see her mum Rachel Senior, 31, at work on her first day to wish her well.

Surinder Fowler, champion fund raiser, said she was delighted the new fish and chip shop offers gluten free at no extra cost by being battered separately.

She said: “We are really looking forward to it being opened so I can take along the people I care for voluntarily."

David Chapman, 50, said: “I used to be a ring side safety officer when they held wrestling at The Pier a long time ago and we had the likes of Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks. Having a fish and chips shop is good for the economy."

Father and son, Maurice and Richard Ball approved of the take away fish and chips.

Richard said: “We can't fault the price at 1p."

Dad Maurice said: “That's the best part of it."

The venue is open 11.30am to 9pm Monday to Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to 9pm.

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