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SAR Recycling

SAR Recycling, part of the Serius Group, are a materials recovery and waste management company, that focusses on the recovery on non-ferrous and precious metals from the automotive industry. 

The company, established in 2007 and based in Immingham, has built up a national portfolio of work, collecting batteries, catalytic converters and waste electrical boards sourced from collections made throughout the UK.

Once they have refined their products, they export the materials to overseas processors.

The company currently employs 48 people within the Serius Group companies, and has a turnover of around £24,000,000.

About the project

The company have traded since 2007 from the current site on a commercial lease. As their workload expanded, so too did their need to facilitate further growth by development.

The company decided to look into the purchase of the land, with improvements to their processing area and laboratory capability. They also sought to develop a new battery refurbishment area, waste electrical equipment recycling unit and acid treatment plant.

Regional Growth Funding has been used by the SAR Recycling to help purchase new equipment and develop their existing plant, with the aim of expanding the company’s capabilities and effective workload.

Job creation

As a direct result of this investment, fourteen additional full time jobs were created within the organisation to assist in lab work and enhance the company’s sales team.

The future

Arvydas Pocevicius, site director for SAR Recycling, said: "We are extremely grateful for the grant which will enable us to expand our company and create more jobs in the local community."

In brief

Location: Immingham, North East Lincolnshire
£1,314,522 Project Cost
£200,000 RGF grant
14 jobs

Key Facts

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