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Further Supporting Infrastructure

Supporting infrasture to make business run smoothly

Humberside Airport, just a few miles from our main towns, is a key national and international gateway connecting over half a million passengers to 30 destinations every year.

With 4 flights daily to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport and key offshore centres such as Oslo and Aberdeen, businesses are within easy reach of their customers and suppliers worldwide.

The airport is the second largest in the UK for North Sea oil and gas helicopter operations and we’re beginning to see the interest in helicopter transfers from the offshore wind sector already. Around 30- 40,000 passenger journeys are made each year by platform workers travelling from the heliport to and from 57 rigs in the southern North Sea sector.

In addition to the country’s largest port, this area has excellent connections to all parts of the UK by road and rail. Uncongested roads and motorways connect to all parts of the UK placing 40 million consumers within a 4-hour drive. This area is the busiest in the UK for rail freight with a choice of specialist terminals serving destinations across the country.

Superfast Broadband is avaliable throughout the area.

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