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Building with the food industry - that’s FSC

GRIMSBY is home to manufacturing excellence in food, and in turn a level of understanding in the environments required to operate in.

Building with the food industry - that’s FSC

Food Sector Construction Ltd is a prime example of this, a company headed up by a man who has made it a career’s work to ensure the companies that continue to put the town on the map have the right buildings in which to do it, and then taken it on the road nationwide.

Steve Brown launched his own venture six years ago, initially in partnership with a director of Grimsby Resin Floors, before going it alone five years ago.

In a career that has taken him from Elton Wright to Lindum and then QA Construction, he understands the rapid turnaround, high quality workmanship and process-aligning nature of dealing with some of the most time-sensitive businesses in operation.

From using electrical plant equipment to avoid any potential contamination to the awareness of project planning and manufacturing needs, the 20-strong team on Europarc have built a solid reputation with blue chip clients.

Mr Brown said: “FSC carries out works from complete factory build to repairs as part of an industry audit, and anything in-between we do it. 95 per cent of what we do is in the food industry but we also carry out civil works. 

“One of the most pleasing things is that we work with the same clients consistently, we have a good reputation and people come back. It shows they value the relationship and that we’ve done a good job.”

Initially set up on Cleethorpe Road, FSC now operates from Europarc, but it could soon have a very personal project as it scales up to keep up with its core clients.

“We are planning to expand. We try and get a couple of new clients every year. For example, last year we welcomed Cranswick and have completed £500,000 of work since Christmas with them alone.”

The Hull-headquartered food producer announced a massive sales and profits boost last month, flagging up investment of £60 million in the last financial year.

Alongside the 20 FSC employees are eight full time sub-contractors, and Mr Brown, who has his wife as a director alongside him, is surrounded by experienced hands and minds.

Mr Brown said. “I have worked within the building industry since I was 16. I started doing food factory stuff when I was 18, and have worked for the likes of Young’s and Seachill over the past 30 years.”

While he is keen to continue his firm relationship with Seachill and Young’s in Grimsby, work has taken FSC to Sussex in the south and Fraserburgh in the north.

Two Sisters and Greencore are other well-known clients, with Scunthorpe’s TSC also on board.

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