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Catch-nap?! Accommodation could boost beacon industry training facility’s status

THE possibility of providing accommodation for those training at Stallingborough’s Catch complex is being explored as a vision of becoming a national centre for industry is worked through.

Catch-nap?! Accommodation could boost beacon industry training facility’s status

An outline planning application has been submitted to North East Lincolnshire Council to examine the possibility of converting the current administration and conference building at the Stallingborough site into overnight stay facilities.

A total of 29-en-suite rooms could be created in the building that fronts Kiln Lane, as well as kitchen and recreation facilities.

Brought forward by Nightel, working with the site operator, the team are keen to test the feasibility of the idea, which is based on the model it operates at Humberside Airport for BAE Systems, as well as resident training provider AIS’s North Shields headquarters.

David Talbot, Catch chief executive, said: “It is very early days, but an exciting opportunity. What we are trying to do is grow our capability. We want to attract people here, and more and more we have got to thinking that the one thing we are missing is that availability to stay on site.

“It would not be a hotel, it would be training accommodation, quite an austere solution. The aim now its to just test the water to see if it is feasible.”

That will be a literal sense too, with flood zoning a consideration.

The building, opened just over a decade ago, is currently home to the Catch team and third party operators, who could relocate to the recently opened Hughes Building, or – if the cash is available – the identified expansion area where services have recently been put in on a neighbouring field, acquired by the local authority. 

“There are lots of options, we could try to attract more capital funding to expand further,” he said. “I have a vision that I want to see fulfilled and it includes development of the whole site. I want a national centre for industry. I want it to be an exciting, impressive facility.”

Mr Talbot worked for BAE Systems as the Kirmington development emerged. 

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