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Exciting plans for Escape Room game in Grimsby revealed

EXCITING plans for a "fun and immersive" Escape Room game facility in Grimsby have been revealed.

Exciting plans for Escape Room game in Grimsby revealed

The Labyrinth Group have submitted a planning application to North East Lincolnshire Council to transform a room above a restaurant in Grimsby into an adventure game where players have to solve puzzles to escape from a number of cryptic rooms.

Permission is sought to use the first floor space, above Da Vinci restaurant, in East St Mary's Gate, into the adventure and leisure game, which have sky-rocketed in popularity up and down the country.

The game is for teams of between two and six people, where players have 60 minutes to solve the clues and puzzles and escape the room. Players must work as a team to follow the clues that lead to the end game, which is most commonly escaping the room.

Also, to escape the room, which players are locked inside, players could also have to find an object or identify an individual/character for example. The requirements for escape are dependent on the theme of the room.

Popular themes within the industry are murder mystery, bank heist, casino heist, Egyptian tomb, bomb shelter, pirate ship and laboratory settings.

Labyrinth, makers of the game, describe it as an "immersive and fun experience" which requires players to use "team work and logical thinking"

Escape Room is mostly suitable for anyone above the age of 10.

They have a Facebook page too

The next North East Lincolnshire Council planning committee is at Grimsby Town Hall on May 24.

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