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Fast-growing Fit Kitchen is now on-the-go with chilled snack range

GRIMSBY’S fledgling healthy-eating brand has brought out a new range of snacks as it tucks into the latest trends, creating more jobs. 

Fast-growing Fit Kitchen is now on-the-go with chilled snack range

Under the Fit Kitchen label, launched in January, Scratch Meals has introduced four new Protein Pots, with 300 Sainsbury’s stores taking them on.

In just over a year since the business swapped west London for North East Lincolnshire as production ramped up, staff numbers have more than doubled, with 55 now employed by the Europarc business as more lines are added.

And it is serving as a functional example of some of the expert analysis and advice digested by the wider cluster recently, as it learns from food service, adapting the offer for retail, and feeds the new  “healthy hedonists” as fitness – and wearing it – becomes high fashion.

“This is the newest range, and another under the Fit Kitchen Brand,” Phillip Pinnell, managing director of Scratch Meals said. “People are eating smaller, more frequent meals, and we wanted to give people a more healthy out-of-home breakfast or on-the-go snack that would sit within the their nutrition and fitness goals.

“We had observed in some of the food service operators, the likes of Pret a Manger and other places, that there had been quite a big growth in chilled snacking, so we are trying to bring something along.”

Scratch moved north last September having struggled to recruit and find the right skills to serve an industry Grimsby prides itself on, with production lines made in town for many of the world’s biggest brands. It moved into the facilities used by Morrisons in Humber Seafood Institute, and it is working well for the growing team.   

“It is great, we have installed another line in there, and taken on more people,” Mr Pinnell said. “We have gone over 50 to 55. We still have capacity, it can still give us further growth.” 

The range features Chicken and Pesto Hummus; English Breakfast; Harissa Chicken and Huevos Racheros, and all contain between 3g and 11g of carbohydrates and 95 to 143 calories. 

Available now, an anticipated ramp up in sales is forecast in the new year as resolutions kick in, and the team continues to recruit.

“All our ranges are doing well and we’re now looking forward to the new year, which will be a big period for us because of healthy eating commitments,” Mr Pinnell said.

The 120g Fit Kitchen Protein Pots are selling at £2, under the slogan “created by nutritionists – loved by chefs”.

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