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Fisheries Minister lined up for Seafood Summit

FISHERIES Minister George Eustice is to address the upcoming Humber Seafood Summit – by video link.

Fisheries Minister lined up for Seafood Summit

The industry’s key man at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has been revealed as keynote speaker for next month’s Cleethorpes conference.

More than 200 people are expected to attend, with an evening reception at Grimsby’s Humber Royal Hotel ahead of the conference proper at The Pier – subtly transformed into the self-proclaimed world’s largest fish and chip restaurant since last year’s event.

Marcus Coleman, the Grimsby-based chief executive of organiser Seafish, the industry authority, said: “We are delighted that George Eustice, Minister of State at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, will provide the keynote address for this year’s summit and I’m sure all of the attendees will be looking forward to hearing his insights into the UK’s seafood industry.

“The Humber Seafood Summit is the flagship event in the seafood calendar and gives those working in the sector an invaluable opportunity to network, share ideas and discuss issues with peers and experts. There is no doubt there is a desire within the UK seafood industry to lead the way on matters such as social responsibility and product quality, while ensuring the industry is in a strong and healthy position for the future.”

Mr Coleman will open and close the day, which has been an annual fixture since 2010. It is taking place during Seafood Week, with Seafish also leading the promotional push for Grimsby’s biggest export nationwide.

Looking at the agenda, with UK Seafood: Supply and Demand the overarching theme, with market insight, global outlooks and responsible sourcing all examined, Mr Coleman said: “We are expecting over 200 opinion formers and respected industry leaders and government officials from the UK and Europe to attend and share their insights regarding the key issues affecting the sector. 

“Delegates attending will hear from industry figureheads such as Steve Gibbons, co-founder of Ergon, and Jim Masters, executive director of Fishing into the Future, who will give their insights into the current state of the fishing industry and its future outlook.”

Homegrown industry specialists Mike Mitchell and Simon Dwyer (pictured left) are also on the bill, see below for full run-down of speakers. 

Mr Eustice’s diary appointment comes as Cleethorpes MP Martin Vickers returned from a four-day visit to Iceland, where he met the Fisheries Minister, Thorgerður Katrín Gunnarsdóttir, as well as the President and Foreign Minister.

She told him she would have attended the conference had an election not been called in her home nation, as the coalition not fallen apart over a justice issue. 

The parliamentary visit followed the IceFish exhibition and World Seafood Congress 2017, held earlier in the month, from where seafood industry delegates also came back very positive.

Mr Vickers said: “We have such close links with them and it was fascinating to have their perspective on things. 

“It was wonderful to make the contacts, we have such close working relationships and they are genuinely keen to maintain this connection and increase the trade, with Grimsby ideally situated to be at the forefront of that.”

His time in the North Atlantic also included a tour of HB Grandi, a major seafood processor

Jonathan Banks, Jonathan Banks Associates

DURING his 30-plus years in the fast moving consumer goods industry, Summit veteran Jonathan has held senior sales and marketing positions in multi-national manufacturers and a retailer. 

He specialises in tracking and predicting consumer behaviour and trends. 

By turning data into actionable insights, he helps manufacturers and retailers formulate winning strategies. 
After seven years as Nielsen’s business insight director, he formed Jonathan Banks Associates Ltd, and is also part of Europe’s leading category management resource and shopper expert Bridgethorne.

Simon Dwyer, director, Seafox

GRIMSBY-BASED Simon manages key regional organisations linked to the supply of seafood in to the region’s multi-million pound processing cluster. His background is in shipping and logistics with an emphasis on the global transportation of seafood, has a long-term association with the North Atlantic Seafood Forum and has travelled all over the world talking to suppliers of seafood about their trade patterns and logistics efficiencies. 

He is engaged with Grimsby Institute Group to support their seafood training provision and the recently commissioned Modal Training facility at Port of Immingham. 

Most recently, he has been heavily involved in Brexit matters with UK Government, and overseas supply countries. 
Seafox is secretariat to Grimsby Fish Merchants’ Association, and Simon plays a key role in cluster organisation Seafood Grimsby and Humber.

Hazel Curtis, chief economist, Seafish 

HAZEL has contributed her expertise to many government and industry initiatives to help improve seafood industry performance, fisheries management and fleet efficiency, leading on the development of economic data collection. 

Work has included analysis of seafood industry activities such as international trade, and impact assessments of key policy proposals and fisheries management measures. Since 2007 Hazel has been a member of the European Commission’s Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries, providing official advice to the Commission, and from 2011 to 2015 was president of the European Association of Fisheries Economists. 

Last year she was elected as a member of the Executive Committee of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade.

Claire Nuttall, chief executive, The Brand Incubator

A SPECIALIST in breakthrough innovation in the food and drink world, she has operated as a senior partner and innovation strategist for over 23 years. 

Claire’s specialism and passion is working in the world of health, wellness and functional foods. She has always loved to inspire and create ‘the new’.  She has worked with and developed food and drink trend forecasts for more than 20 years – hot areas for innovation and business growth.  She regularly speaks at global conferences on trends in key food and drink areas, in March using The Saucy Fish Co as an exemplar. She also focuses on free from, healthy ageing and protein.   

Jack MacIntyre, lead analyst, Globaldata

HE BEGAN his career at Kantar (WPP Group), working to share strategic consumer insights with the UK’s largest supermarkets – as well as many of their suppliers – before moving into the foodservice sector at the NPD Group, where he worked with global fast-food operators and food and drink brands. His insights on various markets and consumer trends have been cited in The Economist, the Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Grocer and Marketing Week. He has spoken at two Seafish-organised specialist events in Grimsby in the past two years and now makes his debut at Humber Seafood Summit.

Sébastien Metz, chief executive of Sakana Consultants

BRINGING extensive experience in both commercial and public sectors, specialising in fisheries economics and natural resource management, Sébastien is an expert on bio-economic modelling, policy development, supply chain analysis and stakeholder engagements. He has worked on potential impacts of Brexit on the seafood  trade, as well as being recently involved in projects related to major policies, such as the landing obligation (UK, Black Sea, EU Distant-water fleets), the potential ban of small-scale driftnets, the Blue Growth strategy, the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and also several sustainable fisheries partnership agreements in Gabon, Mauritius and Guinea Bissau.

Jim Masters, executive director, Fishing into the Future

HE DELIVERS collaborative projects with the UK industry to chart a course towards sustainable and prosperous UK fisheries. 

His career has covered environmental, marine and fisheries resource management spanning over 20 years. Jim has a strong interest in engaging people with the natural world, having worked in environmental interpretation, coastal partnerships and, more recently, the Marine Conservation Society. 

After a period as an independent marine resources consultant he joined Fishing into the Future in 2014 and helped establish the charity. 

He is also a fully qualified primary school teacher, workshop facilitator and professional diver. 

Zoë Healey, head of scientific strategy for Europe, InVentiv Health Communications  

A CONNECTOR of ideas and people, she has two decades of communications agency experience working for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food/drink companies, as well as patient advocates and expert societies. She provides strategic and scientific counsel to her clients. Zoë is a lifelong ‘pescatarian’ from Fremantle, a port town in Western Australia that has its own sardine festival and annual blessing of the fleet. Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour is where HM Bark Endeavour Replica was built and sailed from to visit Whitby.

She had a degree in biotechnology and a PhD in gastroenterology from Imperial College London. 

Mike Mitchell, Fair Seas Ltd

UNTIL October 2015, Mike was a director of the UK’s largest seafood manufacturing business, Young’s Seafood td. Widely considered to be one of the UK’s most senior and influential seafood executives, he has worked in the industry since 1981, mainly in the areas of quality and technical management and corporate social responsibility. 

During his time with Young’s, he held a wide range of operational roles in the UK, Europe and Scandinavia. He recently formed his own business, and now with a select portfolio of high profile clients,  offers advice, policy guidance and research capabilities with a focus on sustainability, integrity and accountability. He returns from presenting at World Seafood Congress 2017 on the Landings Obligation.

Humber Seafood Summit takes place at The Pier, Cleethorpes, on October 11. is an official media partner and will report live.

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