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Grimsby Fish Market’s best auction of 2017 as Icelandic supplies return

GRIMSBY Fish Market has seen its busiest day of the year, as supplies returned following the Icelandic strike.

Grimsby Fish Market’s best auction of 2017 as Icelandic supplies return

Yesterday (Monday, March 6) was the first Monday auction to feel the full benefit of the end of the dispute, and it didn’t disappoint.

Martyn Boyers, chief executive of operator Grimsby Fish Dock Enterprises Ltd, said: “We have had a very good day today, the busiest day of the year, with nearly 2,500 boxes – mostly Icelandic – so it has been great for us.

“The strike has finished, and it has taken a little while to flow through, but the supply was more than we have had in some weeks so far this year, so it has been much better.”

A total of 2,217 boxes were sold, with 1,953 of them from the North Atlantic nation, arriving by container vessel over the weekend.

Mr Boyers said prices for haddock were decent, with cod a little lower. “There is plenty of fish for everyone and we are now looking forward to a really big push up to Easter,” he said. “Hopefully the supplies will keep coming, and traditionally the Easter period is still the biggest time of year for fish consumption.”

As reported, Icelandic trawlers were tied up before Christmas as the dispute over pay and conditions escalated. It led to a barren period for supply throughout January and February.

Supplies were sourced from elsewhere, with Norway, The Faroes, Scotland and Ireland pitching in, but there is clear relief now the established trading partner is back trading.

Parties reached an agreement in the early hours of Saturday, February 18, with the fishermen heading out on the Sunday evening. With five-day trips the norm, first full-scale catches weren't landed until after the weekly sailing from Reykjavik to the Humber had departed, making today the first to see the full benefit on the key Monday market.

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