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Grimsby motorhome manufacturer puts customers in the design driving seat

GRIMSBY motorhome manufacturer Auto-Trail is looking to move further ahead in the market, by offering customers the chance to help put together their dream vehicles.

Grimsby motorhome manufacturer puts customers in the design driving seat

The Europarc-based team has launched Motorhome Creator, a web-based platform using filters to help road-trip loving buyers decide on preferred price, berths, the number of seatbelts and weight – a vital element when it comes to legality of driving.

Described as an industry first, it then moves to options available once the model is decided upon, with the technology keeping tabs on the all-important volume of the vehicle.

Russell Hensman, marketing manager at the recently expanded base, said: “Whether it is a family snorkelling in Studland Bay or a couple tackling the Three Peak Challenge, it’s important they have a warm and cosy motorhome to return to that is perfectly suited to their activities.

“Here at Auto-Trail we know it takes a lot of time to research a model that specifically suits needs, which is why we want to make it simple and easy. We have developed a straightforward, user-  friendly solution that makes finding a perfect model an enjoyable and simple process.”

Of the weight issue, which affects those who passed their tests from 1997 – typically now people 40 or approaching – Mr Hensman said: “It is very easy to miss hidden weights that come with a motorhome. 

“For example, when adding an extra passenger, you must take into account the weight of the passenger and their personal allowance. This is why Auto-Trail’s Motorhome Creator is so unique and efficient – it will do all of this for you. It is an innovative piece of digital technology that takes into account all of the hidden weight you may have not originally thought of. 

“If you don’t hold a category C1 licence it is very important to not exceed 3,500kg.”

It will no doubt be a major focus of this week’s Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show, which takes place at the NEC in Birmingham.

As reported, 2016 saw the company double production capacity in a multi-million pound project as it geared up to meet forecast demand in the luxury leisure market in the coming years.

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