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Grimsby seafood expert’s appointment to industry board is given ministerial blessing

Grimsby's Mike Mitchell has been appointed to the board of industry authority Seafish.

Grimsby seafood expert’s appointment to industry board is given ministerial blessing

A long-standing executive with Young’s Seafood, he left Ross House just over two years ago to pursue his own consultancy, building on 30 years of experience in the sector, from factory floor to global stage sharing with Prince Charles. 

Specialising in technical and corporate social responsibility, Mr Mitchell has excelled in sustainability and food security, and is also an authority on Grimsby’s history.

Now managing director of Fair Seas Ltd, with clients including major value added processors, national and international retailers, food service providers, sustainability standards owners and certification assessment bodies, he is looking forward to a three-year term of office.

A ministerial appointment, he will represent the processing sector in what he describes as the fulfilment of a “long-held ambition,” serving an organisation that works across the industry, from fishing safety to encouraging consumption.

Mr Mitchell said: “After almost 37 years continuous employment in the seafood industry, I am absolutely delighted to be appointed to the Seafish board. 

“I know that I am joining a first-class team and I am looking forward to working more closely with them to ensure that the role of Seafish is fully understood and properly valued by the whole of the industry. I believe that Seafish plays a pivotal role for all parts of the UK seafood economy, across all of the devolved administrations, and that this is especially important, as we face into an era of unprecedented political change.

“This appointment has been a long-held ambition; it represents a wonderful personal and professional opportunity for me to contribute towards the long term sustainability and profitability of the amazing industry that has inspired and enthused me for so many years.”

A regular speaker at regional, national and global events, he helped make World Seafood Congress 2015 a success when hosted in Grimsby, and recently played a key role in a strong Brexit event at North Atlantic Seafood Forum in Bergen, Norway.

He was also a contributor to Seafood 2040 – A Strategic Framework for England, alongside Grimsby Fish Market operator Martyn Boyers, Seafish and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Slightly away from the industry, and he has also penned a novel, Hope Street, based on the East Marsh and immersed in the fishing industry of the Sixties. 

Seafish has two bases, Grimsby and Edinburgh, with the former at Humber Seafood Institute on Europarc. It if funded by a levy on the sale of seafood. 

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