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Grimsby trawler’s starring role in ‘Keep it Wild’ sustainable seafood campaign

A GRIMSBY trawler is the star of an inspirational new advert for wild-caught fish. GY-57, or Eben Haezer as she is now known, is at the fore of the Marine Stewardship Council’s promotion to ‘Keep it Wild’.

Grimsby trawler’s starring role in ‘Keep it Wild’ sustainable seafood campaign

The 40m stern trawler is British registered and was built in 1983. She now fishes off Holland and is currently tied up in Ijmuiden, close to Amsterdam.

The MSC is urging consumers to look out for the blue fish label, stating “when you buy a product with the blue fish label you’re supporting a fishery that is contributing to healthier oceans - we think it’s a no-brainer.”

A 20-second clip appeared before the screening of Jumanji on the SonyMovie channel on Boxing Day, while the full minute-long video is here:

The past year has seen North Sea Cod achieve the status, bringing it back from the brink through careful management. Experts from Grimsby were involved in the extensive work.

While the town-based trawler fleet is vastly depleted, many fishing elsewhere carry the GY registration. And whitefish from the North Sea and North Atlantic remains critical to the area, as it is a favoured species of UK consumers, with the town handling more than 70 per cent of seafood bought in Britain.

Fish sees a big promotional uplift in the new year, with health benefits seen as key to reaching the much sought-after two portions a week level of consumption.  Should that be achieved the benefit to town processors and the wider economy would be significant. 

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